Friday, 28 February 2014

Dark Aquarian Moon ~> Feb 28th '14

The New Tibetan/Himalayan Year of the Green Wood Horse is almost here! Before it begins with Losar’s magical karma multiplied month of healing miracles (after the New Pisces Moon Saturday March 1st at 11Pisces (8:08UT/3amEST)), there’s a dark moon phase to navigate, while the sensitive Moon passes through quirky Aquarius. Be aware: Keep up protection practice; Aquarius is the zodiac’s wild card, which can epitomize eccentrics and sudden change, all of which can open the mind and actually be very liberating. Out of the blue, this Moon in Aquarius can offer a fixed point to move from, as the astral theme of change of New Moon & New Year is also compounded by no less than FOUR planets also switching direction. _/♥\_

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