Friday, 28 February 2014

All change! 4 planets change direction for the start of the Wood Horse Year!

Hooray! Mercury, planet of information and communication, goes forward today, 28th February, just in time for Losar, the Tibetan New Year of the Wood Horse. In these past few weeks, Mercury has perhaps even revealed how a bit of distance and reorganisation, coupled with a change of attitude has garnered help to visualise the dream and overcome (emotional) problems. At the same time dynamic Mars stations in the heavens to go retrograde (which is does every two years and two months) and concentrate upon the Libran qualities of peace and love. For the next three months (until May 20th), the challenge for Mars in Libra is to mediate rather than take up arms in any kind of conflict. The Libran Mars (remember Summer 2012) accents that the pen is mightier than the sword, and the need for justice when working with others and forming alliances, especially those which can help conquer feeling helplessness in situations/relationships where we perceive we have no control. The old adage “Two heads may be better than one” may prove rather effective in generating the enthusiasm to create some kind of power/fiscal/emotional balance.

The two personal planets, Mercury & Mars, are not the only ones changing direction: Jupiter, the celestial pantheon’s Grand Duke is also making a second of three hits to squaring Uranus, the planet of change, all-the-while preparing to go forward at 10Cancer, Wednesday the 5th March – only two days after the end of the protector Dön period leading up to Losar (and beyond). So even though things might seem at a standstill for the Year of the Horse, there will undoubtedly be noticeable movement from this date.

Lord of Karma, Saturn, also changes direction to go retrograde on Monday! For almost 5 months, Saturn going backwards in Scorpio will no doubt bring up issues of secrecy and trust.

Any changes we now see/sense/understand are therefore a clarion call to partake in the evolution of humanity in this dynamic year of the Wood Horse during a Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun. Those with planets around 9-12 degrees water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces; and those with planets at 25-29 Air may astutely feel these winds of change blowing in his or her direction and feel compelled to respond and act upon critical collective issues, and bring about positive transformation compassionately, so that each individual can contribute to the greater good of the whole, aiding all beings seen and unseen.

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With thanks for sharing to ShadRaja for this wonderful cosmic windhorse! _/\_

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