Friday, 7 February 2014

Heal Ourselves & Heal the World ~ Medicine Buddha Moon ~> 6/7th February __/♥\__

A potent Medicine Buddha Moon is now exalted in earthy Taurus. This first quarter Moon proffers a chance to soothe and organise the mind during a wild and windy Aquarian month. This ability to steady and ground oneself is helpful in stabilising meditation, as well as within relationships – especially those valued aspects (of self) which are in final phase of a powerful transformation.

In tight aspect to the Water Bearer, the waxing Taurus Moon highlights the good things in life which help us heal: food, flowers, and friends. By honouring simple pleasures shared with loved ones or effortlessly savoured alone, the boost to the immune system and recovery that occurs when happiness abounds is enormous. And even one moment of restorative awareness, caught and congratulated, can be goodness multiplied when dedicated to benefit of all beings.

__/♥\__With versatile Mercury going retrograde today, and Venus just having come out of retrograde, plus Mars now in the shadow phase of its’ retrograde on March 1st, the personal relationship planets are certainly gyrating in the heavens. Even the most solid alignments can swivel and turn (in the nicest possible way) to change direction, goal or intention, which is why it’s important to now hold one’s space and get comfortable within one’s own skin (as best we can) during this first quarter Moon phase; because the planets of rapport and affinity are currently keeping everyone alert to evolving within the variable creative tension that naturally arises between interconnecting loved Ones and friends, family and colleagues. En route to the Valentine’s Full Moon, the trick is to now nourish the soul and make LOVE healing, sweet and wholesome.

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease” Hippocrates

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