Thursday, 27 February 2014

Maha Shivratri Thursday 27th February 2014

Today, Thursday 27th February is Maha Shivratri, honouring Shiva, the Hindu Lord of Creation and Destruction, as he burns up negative karma and partakes in the cyclic cosmic dance of life, death and rebirth (symbolised by the passage of Shiva’s ornamental Moon, from Dark to New). Fasting and calling upon the all-powerful Shiva to protect from the poison encountered when churning up the Milky Way and the great Ocean (of Samsara) Shiva saves from ignorance and desire. Dating from the time of the Vedas, 4000 years ago, Shiva, whose name means ‘The Auspicious One’, also permeates Tibetan Buddhism in the form of Tantric Dharma protector Mahakala, for example - among others. Indeed, Mount Kalaish is revered by Shaivites and Tibetan Buddhists alike as the source of all spiritual power, as well as India’s great rivers. Mt Kalaish is considered the home of Shiva, together with Tibet’s Heruka Chakrasamvara, and a place of pilgrimage for devotees of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jains. Shiva is also patron of the arts and yoga; his symbol is the snake, representing the power of Kundalini as well as the ability to transform base emotion/action/thought into spiritual understanding.

Om Om Om! Om Namo Shivaya! ॐ_/♥\_

Leaving the year of the Black Water Snake, we now shed the last of the snake’s skin, to be renewed and ready to embrace the Green Wood Horse year. ॐ_/♥\_

Happy Maha Shivratri! May all beings be blessed to find a source of creativity energy to transform ignorance into wisdom! ॐ_/♥\_

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