Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sacred Diwali Light ☉☽✫ Sun Scorpio Moon & Vesta

Early birds will now see VENUS RISING as Aphrodite, the Morning Star. The ancient Greeks called her Phosphorus or Lucifer, the 'Light Bearer'. Although Venus is still retrograde until Nov 19th (& just about to change signs from SCORPIO -> back into LIBRA) we could feel any obsessive intensity seep away for a while, to be replaced with a lighter heart and a more balanced view about that which we value. So welcome a new rosy Venus ascending at dawn (as she metamorphises from evening Star to Morning), plus a New Moon @ 4:53 gmt 14 degrees of Scorpio – the very same degree that Venus went retrograde, 28 days ago, a full lunation cycle later. These salient astro-facts indicate we now have the opportunity to shine the light of our emotional experience upon deeper aspects of psyche, as well as all we value and share, such as love, peace & powerful associations. 

Scorpio is the sign of life, death and rebirth - transformational renewal is through letting-go, cutting-back, and dropping any dead weights that stop you from flying high like the eagle in the sky. Now is the time to connect with our Buddha nature and take only what's necessary to revive Spirit and soar.


This is an astrologically busy new moon for those who like their insight profound and meaningful. (I know, new Moons are always laden with symbolism - but this one has the visionary activist's edge.) Because Neptune and Chiron also go forward, after a long retrograde in late degrees Aquarius, a (collective) spiritual or emotional wound can now be healed. Psychic awareness and (toxic) sensitivity is also heightened. Take care, protect, & beware of dirty tricks.


During the last New Moon in Libra, the planets paired up, which was a nice celestial surprise for being in the sign of loving relationship. At this New Moon several planets are twirling the skies in three’s, which suggests that ideas and connectivity should uplift: So while Venus edges out of Scorpio into Libra over the next few days to find the value of self-love in relation to others (see Sun at inferior conjunction with Venus & Venus in Scorpio Retrograde for the practical and spiritual overview of her retrograde dance), the SUN & MOON move forward to start a new lunation in SCORPIO with asteroid VESTA, igniting our sacred inner heat for the month. Whilst keeping the sexual flame alight we must, however, be aware how overwhelming desires can burn up the life-force if we don't take care; Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler, is also with the North Node and Ceres: We need to revolutionize our (collective) direction, with the love and attention a Mother would give her child. 

& Black Moon Lilith is closing in again on Jupiter and Uranus, still retrograde in Pisces. While Jupiter is slowing down to go forward on the 19th November – the same day as Venus goes forward 28 Libra, I’d say watch any collective emotional undercurrent with detachment, if you can, and make an effort not to get swept along by other’s fear or frustration. These are challenging times in many ways, but with Goddess Vesta igniting the light of Diwali, within the initiating energy of a New Moon, we can connect to our innate goodness & and allow purity of spirit to keep integrity intact.  


At the Full Moon in Taurus on the 21st November (when the Sun & Moon conjunct the Pleiades) only Uranus will be retrograde. More on this later... 



 ~ ☼ ~Thanks to Marianne Rydfeld for her brilliant Eagle carrying the Buddha and Phoenix 13 moon & other unknown but much appreciated artist.    

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