Saturday, 30 November 2013

_/♥\_ Dark Moon in Scorpio - Dec1st ♏ ♄ ☽ ☿ ☄ ☉ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✶

Dark Moon in Scorpio with ISON, Mercury & Saturn - Dec 1st '13
_/♥\_ ♏ ♄ ☽ ☿ ☄ ☉ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✶

Dark moons are just as much times for sowing the seed as they are for releasing and letting go of old issues and sticky problems - sending them back to void. Because this particular balsamic Moon is conjunct the planet of the mind, Mercury, and karmic Saturn, the planet of limitation and endings, there’s a sense of finality to certain difficult issues (which could have been around for years). And as this weekend’s dark Scorpionic moon phase could trigger profound feelings - fear, loss, hopelessness - bear in mind how even these emotions can now serve as the means for dramatic alchemical transformation, from base ordinary things/ideas/relationship into treasured golden enlightenment.

It’s also worth noting that informative Mercury, disciplined Saturn, and the sensitive Moon are with Comet ISON! Though much is now hidden with the dark Moon, if there is ever a story of life, death and regeneration, it is Comet ISON. Pronounced dead and gone after its perihelion sungraze, ISON reappeared and perhaps may even able to grow its glowing tail once again – we just don’t know yet, as it has still yet to come into view, which it could well do again after the forward-moving New Moon in Sagittarius Dec 2nd/3rd. Though on December 1st, early bird sky dancers will catch the last slither of the Moon, with Mercury & Saturn in the pre-dawn sky – and possibly the comet. This combination of planets and comet is actually an extremely sobering stellium that once again determines the importance of understanding the nature of reality, in order to combat debilitating fears and doubts: that all is ultimately pure love and bliss.

Comets always bring unknown factors from deep space into play. And, in ISON’s case, coming from beyond magical mystical Neptune, its dynamic transformational energy affects us all. Generally speaking comets are not considered to be good omens, as they excite and heat disordered conditions. However, ISON – in whatever state it is in, is still under Sun’s beams, in the ‘crossover’sign between Scorpio & Sagittarius sometimes called the 13th sign, Ophiuchus. This part of the sky is attributed to the teacher of Hippocrates, the healer ‘Asklepius’ who is holding a snake; his staff the symbol of modern medicine.

ISON’s passage becomes doubly symbolic during the year of the Black Water Snake. In Tibetan Buddhism, the snake depicted in the wheel of life is symbolic of hatred, the root emotion to violence and war, when the way of peace is by transforming that angry emotion into compassion for all beings. Remembering also that the third week after enlightenment, Lord Buddha (whose rebirth we recently commemorated, at LhaBab DuChen, only a week ago) was sheltered by the coiled snake energy (Kundalini) of the seven headed snake (in line with seven chakras). Thus, to my mind, the symbology of a Dark Moon touching the tail of Asclepius’ Snake, aligned with the healing brother Mercury, earthy Saturn & ISON, it suggests the importance of global healing, activating Kundalini Earth energy, transforming consciousness and raising the Diving feminine Shakti power to the max.

And December's Venus retrograde dance at Solstice will again teach the importance of Five-Star LOVE ☆☆☆☆☆

With thanks to beloved Tsem Tulku Rinpoche _/\_ & to Yogini Project for sharing his astounding statue close-up of Vajrayogini, Goddess for degenerate times, as the manifestation of ultimate wisdom and compassion, aiding in the transformation of mundane experience into higher levels of spiritual understanding.

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