Sunday, 3 November 2013

New Moon Diwali Solar Eclipse ☾ ♏ ☼ 2013 Sunday 3rd November

Festival of Light ~> Diwali Solar Eclipse - Igniting Sacred Light


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The New Moon Solar Eclipse at 12 degrees Scorpio is the most potent New Moon of the year, as both Sun and Moon are with sobering Saturn and retrograde Mercury ~>  Call in protectors & set intentions wisely, as this Solar Eclipse is triple charged with a karmic mother-load, reminding us ‘what we sow, so shall we reap’.

From the tantric meditators point of view, during this particular eclipse subtle body sensitivity to unseen energy can at once highlight and/or clear kleshas (karmic imprints) in an instant, or at least chip away at old ‘stuff’ to lighten-up the way along the Dharma path. 

Meditators who work with the subtle body, channels and chakras, can, throughout this eclipse – and without identifying with ‘egoic mind’ – draw up from the Earth powerful healing Goddess energies through the central channel; at the same time, bring down through the crown with strong powers of visualisation a purifying insight that has the potential to release (past-life) habits and change thought patterns to alter direction and create dramatic transformation, all the while remaining grounded and stable at the base, bringing the Light out of from darkness, to radiate at the heart.

This eclipse has a peak of 1 minute 45 seconds, and will last approximately an hour and a half, depending upon where you are in the world, with Central Africa witnessing some totality.  Its influence is long-lasting, meaning that “Nothing ever goes away until it teaches you what you need to know” ~> quote from Pema Chodron

So, dear Spiritual Warrior, have a good eclipse, as we unite mind, body and Spirit ‘holding the space’ with love and harmony.

Thanks for sharing and immense gratitude to Joma Sipe for his astounding artwork for the cover of Theosophical International Conference.

See you on the other side… _/♥\_

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