Thursday, 28 November 2013

Thanksgiving Dakini Day ~> November 28th ’13 ☼ ✶☽

Sagittarius Sun ♐☄ ☄ (with Comet ISON!) & Moon in Libra ♎

Accenting wisdom and beauty, this convivial combination of ‘The Lights’ inspires the fiery Sagittarian spirit of adventure with love, warmth, and more than a sprinkling of sophisticated Libran grace and balance. Interestingly, the Sagittarian Sun’s ruler, Jupiter, and the Libra Moon’s ruler, Venus, connect today in opposition, giving rise to expanded ideals (and possibly waistbands too!). This is a great time for putting much into perspective – especially relationships in partnership, business, teacher-student, or friend to friend; when the potential to find peace of mind through socialising, is by being fully present with those who nurture and support fairness, truth, and openness. All of which is heartening, especially when preparing to complete a powerful (and some might say ‘stressed’) lunation that began with a Scorpio solar eclipse, and ends with the Sagittarius New Moon on 2nd/3rd December. That said, this rather elegant Dakini Moon, in harmonious Libra, is opposite Uranus and square Pluto, encouraging the emotional body to sense the currently transformational zeitgeist; and, quite apart from the need to protect and steer clear of negative power games, there may well be some surprises in store; even these may take on greater momentum with the upcoming lunation in the sign of the Archer. But be aware that during the dark Scorpio Moon (30th/1st) care, caution, and consideration is called for, principally in being kind to self, as well as to others who have less altruistic intentions. _(♥)_

Wishing one and all a very happy Thanksgiving Hanukkah Dakini Day Tzog offering! Karma multiplied day x100 _(♥)_

Image is of Dakini Kurukulla (with thanks to the Buddha School, Taiwan, LeiTsang Temple). Kurukulla is the Goddess of the Cause of All Knowledge, who uses flowers, beauty and feminine wisdom as the means to charm, as noted by her flowery bow and arc. _(♥)_

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