Saturday, 16 November 2013

◯ ♉ Taurus Full Moon ~ Festival of The Light of the Gods ♏ ☼ Kartik Poornima

The Full Moon at 26 Taurus, 15:16 GMT (12:16EST), November 17th, is an exalted moon – meaning this is the best possible sign for the emotional Moon to be in, providing stability in the midst of an incredible transformation. This moon radiates feminine wisdom, encouraging clarity and insight into the shadowy issues of control and desire, obsession and greed. Now is the time to be brave, get grounded, and leave no stone unturned when dealing with personal peccadilloes. As the Moon Goddess now displays a discerning wisdom which helps one to overcome the insatiable craving which self-cherishing fixates upon. At the same time this combined celestial experience of earthy Taurus and insightful Scorpio provides the opportunity to determine that which is wholesome and nourishing, for the spiritual warrior to uproot any negative emotion that obscures the realisation of ultimate and conventional truth.

Sun & Moon are also in good relation to the Cosmic Guru, Jupiter, planet of truth and freedom, affording an overview of a greater plan (in conventional terms that could take until March to implement or move to another stage). Jupiter is also currently exalted and retrograde in the water sign Cancer; and, interestingly, it is the Water element which is honoured during this Festival of the Light of the Gods, by making light offerings to water and libation to rivers, pools and oceans, there is a powerful symbolism of purifying and healing, releasing and renewing, and connecting to all that has gone before and all that is.

As light illuminates darkness, this is THE Full Moon revered by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists alike - although for different reasons, the reverence held for this Moon Festival of The Light of the Gods shows the profound power and depth of devotion and feeling during this fixed and determined combination of ‘The Lights’: Sikhs commemorate the birth of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism; Hindus celebrate Kartik Poornima, the triumph of Shiva over the Tripuri, three cities overrun by Demons; for the Jains it is the Full Moon Festival of Light that comes after Diwali; for Buddhists it is the Moon when Lord Buddha accepts the invitation by one of his disciples to return to Earth from the realms of the Devas, the realms of the Thirty-Three, where he went to repay the kindness show by his Mother, and to teach her the Dharma (in the realms of the Goddess), which he does at the upcoming Last Quarter Moon. Thus, on Sunday the 24th of November, Buddhists the world over celebrate the rebirth of Lord Buddha, as one of the four most important days in our calendar.

Until then, receive the Full Moon blessings, and enjoy the clarity offered by this Moon of many names, Dark Moon, Tree Moon, White Moon, Snow Moon, Beaver Moon, Trading Moon, the Moon that celebrates The Light of the Gods.

Thanks for shring and love and thanks to unknown artist for beautiful image of
Shailaputri, daughter of the mountain, who gave birth to the elephant-headed god Ganesh, the son of Shiva, whose mount is Nandi the bull. _/♥\__

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