Saturday, 2 November 2013

Behind closed doors at the Dark Moon in Scorpio ☾♏ Nov'13

Retrograde Mercury, planet of the mind, and karmic Saturn in Scorpio are enhancing the power of deep introspection; for Scorpio is secretive sign, with the need for privacy when delving into interior of one’s heart-mind; it is often behind closed doors that the most powerful transformations take place.

With the dark moon also going into Scorpio today, there’s already a growing sense of tomorrow’s oncoming Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse 3rd November (12:48pmGMT), when we welcome the newly risen Phoenix that rises from the Sun’s ‘Fiery Path’. And as we approach the cosmic union of Sun, Moon and Earth in heavenly alignment, we could also sense the need to raise consciousness so that Spirit can fly like the proverbial reborn Sun bird. But in order to be ready to cross this threshold, from dark to light, we may need to rest and retreat into our own sacred space, to dig deep within and remove obscuration, releasing old and outworn, negative aspects of our psyche and personality.

Now, therefore, is the optimum time to assess, from this day forward, exactly what it is that we wish to be karmically responsible for. In other words, no one else is able to do our practice – we have to do the work ourselves in order to polish the most precious Dharma jewel, so Spirit naturally radiates: When the doors of perception open, infinite LoveLight shines._/♥\_

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