Thursday, 30 June 2011

Square Dancing on Sun & Moon discs ☼ Solar Eclipse July1st

A dark moon is coming to rest before tomorrow’s last of 3 eclipses in one summery lunation. The previous two eclipses (the 1st Solar on June 1st & a Lunar eclipse on June 15th) opened the mind (Gemini) to portals of truth and light at the centre of the Galaxy (Sagittarius). For the Spiritual Warrior this one can open the floodgate of life itself, welcoming ancestors incarnating in the manifest universe.

As previously intonated, this triple eclipse season aligns a Divine Union of Sun & Moon to Earth, in such a way that encourages one to let go and release the outmoded, and embrace the inner-light connecting us to Spirit – It’s just a small matter of tuning and riding into those subtle wave and spin vibrations to hold the light ;) Through breath-work and, in this instance, a Solar eclipse meditation in a calm and protected manner, we're potentially enabled to observe and release past negativity (usually on out breathe) and, utilising compassion in action (being good to oneself) to relax in the non-conceptual, Divinity within. In Buddhist teachings, one uses any realisation as a means to understand emptiness (but that’s not what I am purporting to achieve in this New Moon Solar Eclipse report :)). So while Kundalini meditation is powerful (and always done with the master's guidance), due to the sensitive nature of  cosmic rays the best any ordinary individual might hope for during this eclipse is the ability to find a balance between rational and intuitve, yin and yang in active refelction.

The celestial aspects involved in this last eclipse include the extraordinary Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun, accenting the need to square up to and act upon what might initually seem to be hard and difficult issues, all the while taking into consideration almost every sphere of our lives, showing care to self and others as a Cancerian Mother would her child. It is therefore of utmost importance to observe how we feel during this Cancer new moon, particularly noting any impulse, intuition, and sensation.  
At this New Moon partial Solar eclipse on Friday 1st July at 9:54BST the Sun and Moon are at 9 degrees of moon-ruled watery Cancer, opening the way for instinctual awarness: Emotions are a means to enlightenment.  

It is with thanks to Bernadette Brady who alerted me to the fact that this is also a new 1226 year Saros cycle, being activated with 'The Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun' as its signature. This is a very special Solar eclipse indeed. ~> Now is THE time to call in our dharma protectors, so we can fully embrace our spiritual discipline, revel in truth, and free the awakened and compassionate heart-mind ~& even if it takes 1000+ years to do so! :)) _(♥)_ 

Maybe it will take that long to complete the Cardinal Cross mission? Who knows? It’s a good guess the mess we humans have created so far is going to take a while to clean up. What we can say with certainty is that we are at a very challenging moment in time, with fast-moving energies calling for us to be incredibly self-aware and come from the altruistic heart, especially amidst change and the endless authoritarian power struggles, and still keep the value of Mother Earth in Jupiterarian positive life-affirming perspective.

Yet the Cancerian nature of this eclipse, as Goddess of the Sea, reminds me to honour the Great Mother Divinty and nurture family and self in relation to the evolving mass consciousness. Through kindness to all beings, and undstanding how we all suffer we can develop devotion and, dare I say, Bodhicitta, the precious altruistic and awakened heart-mind.

This Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun is not one to be nailed upon the starry fermament forever; while its' essense influences the resonnance of the next thousand years, still the zodiac turns. This actual Cardinal Cross pattern remains with varying planetary players until 2015 (ish), after which the heavens become more mutable, invoking wisdom from our current action. Forming the Solstice axis of the cross, Spirit Sun and Soul Moon are in Cancer, in opposition to powerful Pluto in Capricorn; renewing structure through intense and often difficult to see crisis (Nuclear radioactivity, for instance). Across the Equinox axis of balance and assertion lie awakening Uranus in dynamic Aries (with Goddesses Ceres, the Earth Mother, and Black Moon Lillith, Goddess of the Void) in opposition to disciplined Saturn in harmonious Libra, together they encourage a focus upon each individual heart to be alert and at peace.

Not only are Sun & Moon key players in this Cardinal Cross (first activated Lammas 2010), but they are also in a helpful trine aspect to the Chiron Neptune conjuntion - healing Chrion with the seas of Neptune. When we combine this celestial energy with the Cancer Sun-Moon square to Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, it can be summised as “Collective mass consciousness restructuring the Wounded Water”. There are several points to note here: One is that Cancer is esoterically ruled by oceanic Neptune, emphasising the water element. The other is how this eclipse is taking place over the Antarctic, focalising and stabilising the heavenly union in trinity - Sun-Moon-Earth - upon the very part of our planet where our world's water meets. The Antarctic has a loop of cold and salty water flowing all around it, the thermohaline current, and is where super-gyers swirl into the deepest layers of the ocean’s undercurrents.  This Moon therefore is key to restructuring water and emotion, through penetrative wisdom and intuitive vision holding the remedial intention is crucial.

 Water is symbolic of memory and emotions. And as this eclipse holds point of focus upon undulating depths, it is similarly symbolic of our deeper feelings, which are likely to be the ongoing source of profound healing and purification, a soothing refreshment. Water offerings with love & gratitude work on unfathomable levels.  Most who read this are probably aware of Dr Emoto’s work with healing and restructuring water; so while he is organising a world water healing day every month, this New Moon Solar Eclipse could actually be seen as THE seeding moment of a momentous 1000+ year healing, when at the end of this period we really do understand the our true nature, one that karmically encapsulates the Central Spiritual Sun.  So let’s not forget how one drop of water can take a 1000 years to complete an entire loop of the thermohaline current and send our loving prayers and best intentions to the world's seas, oceans and rivers during this eclipse, asking for clean and pure restructured water, so symbolic of the clear and unobscured emotion we require for enlightenment.  _(♥)_

Thanks to unknown natural life photographer and visionary illustrators <3 :)

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