Wednesday, 1 January 2014

30th December ☼ SOLAR ALIGNMENT ☼ _/\_

Brilliant news for the start of 2014: NASA announced Sun's North & South poles have aligned! So now we begin a new 11-year Solar-flare sun-spot cycle. The Sun is the heart of the Solar system; in our horoscopes its our identity, our central spirit, thus we are Solar humans, made of light! And a pole-flip happening at the time of an applying New SUPERMOON, which will take place the day after tomorrow, on New Year's Day (meaning the Moon is nearest Earth), and that the Capricorn Sun will also be perihelion (closest) to Earth on January 3rd/4th, only emphasizes our spirit/soul connection to Helios' heart. Astrologically speaking, this is also a perfect example of how applying aspects are so much more powerful than separating aspects. From the esoteric viewpoint it perfectly illustrates how Capricorn is the natural Solar high point, radiating at mid-heaven as the gate of initiation, a rite of passage one passes through in order for Spirit Sun to realistically unite heart-mind and body.

I find today's polar alignment extremely encouraging, as it also means we can now more easily bring Heaven to Earth, to illuminate consciousness and overcome animal instincts, and remove obscuration and blocks within our own central channel, able to heal and rest unhindered at peace in our own sacred Solar heart - What a great way to see in the New Year, with the centre of the Solar system in perfect Love-Light alignment! A most auspicious start to 2014! _/\_ ☼

Here's the link to the news:

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