Friday, 27 September 2013

Green Tara ~ Dolma Moon - Wind over Water - Libra & Cancer

Green Tara ~ Dolma Moon ~> Honouring the Divine Feminine and the Great Mother Liberator who overcomes fear and danger _/♥\_

Today’s Sun in airy Libra blows the winds of change, stirring ripples across our (emotional) landscape, as the Moon comes to her last quarter in a deeply sensitive water sign, Cancer. A last quarter Moon generates remedial action. As 'The Lights' now galvanize the two elements, wind and water, the Goddess Mother highlights ‘the art of placement’: Feng (wind) over Shui (water); and how our location reflects our psychology, i.e. a messy room indicates scattered thoughts. Similarly, an ordered space affords the mind room to think and visualize and, very often, heal.

Depicted as green, Arya Tara is associated with the wind element, suggesting firm conviction and a willingness to bring about speedy change with gentle devotion. This last quarter moon is therefore optimum to quickly apply Libran balance and beauty into familiar settings, at home, in the work place, within the heart-mind - and be in tune with our surroundings, ready for a peaceful new Libra Moon October 4th.


Many thanks to Sue Halstenberg  for her beautiful painting of Green Tara _/♥\_

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