Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love Heals ♥ ~> Last Quarter ♥ Valentine ♥ Scorpio Moon ♥

A Last Quarter Valentine Scorpio Moon on Tuesday Feb 14th has the power to help to overcome obstacles and heal the heart and Spirit of all kinds of relationships, be that with yourself, your family, your friends, colleagues or co-workers, as well as the treasured Valentine heart.

With Spirit Sun in eccentric Aquarius, in a closing square to the extremely perceptive Scorpio Moon, the lights accent the profoundly therapeutic qualities of Medicine Buddha as well as Goddess Tara’s enlightened activity. Both signs, Aquarius & Scorpio, are fixed and fearless. Aquarius is cold sharp Air, and Scorpio the inexhaustible well of Water; together they produce instinctive intelligence, combining intellect and sensitivity to delve into deep and delicate issues with an air of cool detachment, yet still emotionally engaged.  This, in my opinion, is a most shamanic Sun-Moon combination.  Not only are we one week away from Losar, the Tibetan New year, but one must also bare in mind how the Moon is also hierarchical ruler of Aquarius, suggesting that only when everyone’s needs are met does humanity evolve.  

So we say goodbye to the Rabbit Year, and before the New Water Dragon begins this Mysterious Scorpio Moon could takes us into very dark spaces and places, just as the non-conformist Aquarius Sun provides a fluorescent electric zapper that twinkles and illuminates, especially tantalising within the hypnotic shadows. In short, now is the time to liberate the psyche, and shine laser-light insight into the depths of the receptive soul, to access an assess previously ignored or hidden situations or circumstance (within, as in one’s own intuitive action, speech, or intent; as well as without, as in inter-personal and/or intimate relationship).

Throughout this global day of Medicine Buddha Insightful Goddess Love, our aspirations can be like a humanitarian Water Bearer, firmly holding an altruistic wish for all to be in their flow; at the same time our sensitive Scorpio Moon develops inner-resources that enable us to release negativity into the void, to be at once transformed and purified. During any crisis of conscience, be aware that clarity and wisdom work together at this point in time in a state of highly creative tension, dancing between crazy inspiration and total obsession - an extraordinary dynamic that can nourish and feed personal relations as well as the global family. Happy Valentine, dear heartS

Bear Woman Dreaming by Susan Seddon Boulet ~> & thx to unknown artist for earth HEART

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