Saturday, 18 February 2012

Sun * Neptune * Chiron * Pallas-Athena * Mercury in Pisces ❤♫ ><((((º>

Spirit Sun now at last anaretic degree of humanitarian Aquarius ~> changing signs into magical Pisces at 6:19am tomorrow, 19th Feb. Sensitive Moon is also about to enter her dark and most reflective phase, to be new in the sign of the fishes on Tuesday, celebrating LOSAR and Tibetan New Year of the WATER DRAGON 2139, on Wednesday 22nd.

Our new era of merging dimensions & spiritual awareness is progressing. Setting an altruistic intention to generate Bodhicitta as the Sun, as LIGHT of intelligence, moves into spiritual water sign Pisces, to conjoin oceanic Neptune (for the 1st time in 165 years (which rules Pisces)) with Shaman-healer Chiron, warrior-woman Pallas Athena, AND informative Mercury (plus Losar Moon) this weeks' heavenly message is profound :::~~> "DEEP EMOTIONAL HEALING" ❤♫ ♥❤•

><((((º>♥><((((º>❤♫ ♥❤• ><((((º> ♥ ><((((º>♥♪•●❤♫ ♥❤•><((((º>♥

‘As without, so within’; As we heal our own delusion with love & gratitude, we also heal the world around us, including the most subtle vibration that enhances the structure of Earth's precious water.

Swimming through Neptune's undulating depths Whales are the world's record keepers; as such they're Shamanic totems for wise souls who understand the painful secrets of the deep, wherein lies a psychic and cosmic vibration that highlights connectivity and Global ONEness. Through listening to whale song we resonate with longer cycles of time and generational issues; Whales, and other beings from the seas and oceans, help us overcome any fear of the unknown, to explore unchartered realms and tune into the collective (un)conscious, emphasising ancestral healing and deep spiritual insight, with sensitivity and unconditional love and compassion _(❤)_

><((((º> ♥ ><((((º>❤♫ ♥❤• ><((((º> ♥ ><((((º>♥♪•●❤♫ ♥❤ ><((((º>❤

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