Friday, 3 February 2012

Neptune in Pisces & the Miracle of Spiritual Love _/\_♥ ૐ Feb 2012

Oceanic NEPTUNE changes signs today, Feb 3rd, returning to imaginative PISCES for the first time in 165 years (for only the 2nd time since its discovery!) ~> where the magical 8th outer planet stays for the next 14 years, until 2026. Mystical Neptune in spiritual Pisces stimulates deep sensitivity, a shared sense of oneness and collective emotional experiences, as well as the third eye. Individual intuitive psychic senses are also heightened, as is the urge to submerge and infuse with the Divine through blissful Piscean/Neptune ways, i.e. yoga, meditation, prayer, subtle body awareness, ritual trance, healing, art, music, dance, poetry, film, photography, and swimming, or any other positive activity in which we lose or renounce the ego-grasping self, happy to be in the cosmic love vibration, and of spiritual service of other sentient beings.

To actively achieve this compassionate condition, in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition we generate ‘Bodhicitta’, which is precious state of mind. Bodhi means 'awakened' or 'enlightened' – 'citta' is the heart-mind. When we generate bodhicitta not only do we want other s to be free from suffering, we also want to be awakened ourselves - and this means we must also be kind to our ‘self’. Bodhicitta therefore aims for both personal and planetary healing, which Neptune in Pisces indicates. 

Fourteen years is a long time in a sign, and the ingress chart for London sets the cosmic intention of Neptune Pisces, still travelling with heaven's wounded healing shaman, Chiron, also in Pisces since April 2010. Together these planets imply the importance of (planetary and personal) emotional healing, as well as the need to purify the world’s water. Luckily, Neptune and Chrion also approach the descendant, point of contracts, signifying much can be done together, as spiritual friends, in loving healing partnership, actively involved in generating bodhicitta, and a balanced heart with the light of awareness.  

The ingress chart also shows Neptune and Pluto in 'septile' to each other; this celestial connection creates a rarely seen magical portal between the two outer generational planets, denotes a small window of opportunity to transform our understanding of the 'unseen' Neptunian or Piscean vibration - one might also read that because Neptune's nature is to create illusion and glamour, this lovely aspect - that could signify spiritual critical mass - could pass us by. (But I don't think that will be the case.)  

A deLIGHTful 'Grand Trine' involves the 6th house Neptune in water sign Pisces, in trine to a conversant 10th house Moon in airy Gemini, and Saturn in Libra in 2nd, also in Air.  The 6th house Neptune accents daily spiritual practice; Moon in the 10th suggests a responsibility to keep informed; and Saturn in the 2nd tells us to value love and cast a discerning eye over finances. This is an air/water Trine that accents mental, emotional and economic stability can be achieved and employed, especially when raising consciousness for (mass) healing. Certain close relationships could have taken a knock this week, but take heart; a 't' square between the Gemini Moon and the current Mars/Venus opposition requires kindness, compassion, and a balance between those combined want's and/or personal requirements, so that all parties get their need’s met. 

In light of the exaltation of Venus in Pisces accenting universal love, am also sharing a rather timely quote from my precious Guru, His Holiness, Dalai Lama (whose name means an Ocean of Wisdom!)

"The human capacity to care for others isn’t something trivial or something to be taken for granted. Rather, it is something we should cherish. Compassion is a marvel of human nature, a precious inner resource, and the foundation of our well-being and the harmony of our societies. If we seek happiness for ourselves, we should practice compassion: and if we seek happiness for others, we should also practice compassion." ~> HHDL _(<3)_
"Precious, sublime bodhicitta:
May it arise in those in whom it has not arisen,
May it never fail where it has arisen
May it go on increasing, further and further!"

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