Tuesday, 21 February 2012

LOSAR ~ TIBETAN New Year 2139 Black Water Dragon ~Feb-22-2012

Best LOSAR wishes to EVERYONE for the TIBETAN NEW YEAR of the WATER DRAGON 2139! _/♥\_ 

New Moon is at 22:35gmt (-5 NY, +5:30 Delhi) in 2 Pisces; Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune, Pallas Athena, Chiron & Mercury all in Pisces indicate that magic is in the air with such an extraordinary heavenly line-up, encouraging one to make a plan to heal the suffering of being a human floundering in the sea of Samsara, to dissolve duality into ONEness and experience Piscean/Neptunian emptiness & bliss
_/♥\_ ૐ And maybe even create a miracle by Full Moon on March 8th, the 'Day of Miracles' ♥ 
Although we’ve been asked not to celebrate Losar this year, and to remain in prayer for those who are in Tibet, I still want to bubble up through the Piscean Dragon water and say please do enJOY the spiritual offerings and essential greatness this combination of planets symbolises. 

Essentially there are a great many pointers that indicate that now is the time think in longer cycles, not just where we are in relation to the East’s Black Water Dragon, who is active, passionate and extremely perceptive for a whole solar year; but also our Western Oceanic Neptune is now at home in imaginative Pisces for the next 14 years; and this new way of collective sensing even reverberates with yesterday’s MahaShivratri, the Hindu festival when Shiva dances his creative-destructive cosmic dance, at the same time he saves humanity by drinking the poison which comes about from churning-up the milky universe; this rather selfless and compassionate, Dzogchen action perfectly aligns with current planetary aspirations to save or be rescued.  

With so many planets resonnanting together in the sign of samsara and nirvana, hope and hopelessness, victims and martyrs - especially those who suffer for their spiritual faith - I am also saying a prayer for all those in Tibet – including the Chinese. This currently horrific wave of violence and self-immolation or reactive crackdown is tragic for all concerned.  Yet while both cultures have much in common - and there has to be a 'middle way', I also feel incredibly helpless, as totalitarian commercialism marches upon all indigenous and shamanic beings who live in close harmony to the land and the elements, all over the world.  It is not just Tibet where 'tribals' and 'communities' are threatened and often sacrificed in the name of power. Still, it is still interesting how Tibet and China do share certain development (Much like the English and Irish, i.e. similar, but not quite.). In the calendar there are often have different starting dates for new elemental years. China, and a most of Asia, always celebrate on the Aquarius New Moon. The energy of which indicates an intellectual cool and detached approach to humanity (which also resonates with China’s Moon sign). The Tibetan year shifts between Aquarius, and where it is found more often, in devoted and spiritual Pisces. Maybe this says something about the general population themselves? All food for thought - especially if we consider the difference of being Jupiter ruled, or Saturn ruled, as is New Year for most of the world. 

This year's Losar Pisces Black Water Dragon Neptune Moon is a serious reminder us that our global theme of the moment is the state of our WATER.  To be in the flow: of water, of communication, cash, and cosmic biocognative energy is what the coming decade is all about. Good to note that Pisces's traditional ruler is Jupiter, modern ruler is Neptune, and esoteric ruler is Pluto; in this order it suggests that in the past we grew, at present we dissolve into divinty, and deep down, within the shared psyche, we powerfully transform – a process that takes generations to complete; but once it happens as a race we evolve to become more compassionate and caring, as indicated by the highest vibration of this end of zodiac sign. That’s the theory anyway. We may actually keep on swimming in our own nonsense forevermore, which would also be quite in keeping with Pisces/Neptune & the 12th House – otherwise known as the Celestial Dustbin, as dear Liz Green calls it!   

:) Me? I prefer the super-subtle but mighty-powerful spiritual evolution that’s on offer and, seeing as Pisces is on my 4th house cusp (and the angles are always very important for transits), I will no doubt see my spiritual foundation grow, dissolve, and surrender into the transformation within the magical and universal unfolding of mystical Neptune in emotional Pisces _/♥\_ ૐ

So, with that..
I wish all beings are happy, that they be free from suffering and that all are liberated from this ocean of Samsara and its pounding waves of old age, birth, sickness and death. _/♥\_ ૐ

_/♥\_ ૐ_/♥\_ ૐ_/♥\_ ૐ_/♥\_ ૐ_/♥\_ ૐ_/♥\_ ૐ_/♥\_ ૐ_/♥\_ ૐ_/♥\_ ૐ_/♥\_ ૐ

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I believe this is a profound way of reflecting on what is happening at the moment, thank you for sharing and please go on with this good work.