Sunday, 12 February 2012

Moon conjunct Saturn Rx in Libra

MOON currently conjunct SATURN: 12:02:12
I've been busy this end taking care of body & soul, emphasising an important ASTRO development last week - specifically how Saturn went retrograde with the new moon. Saturn, still exalted in the sign of the scales, goes back from 29 degrees all the way to 22Libra on June 26, just after Summer solstice. This last, 'anaretic', degree can be a toughie as it has all the energy of LIBRA ready to change from one sign to another, therefore already sensing Scorpio's laser-like perception and the lessons that will entail (from Oct onwards). But in our current course, taskmaster Saturn's karmic lesson - that of coming from the lovely Libran heart - needs one last thorough reappraisal, so we really can remain centred whilst going through collective evolutionary transformation.

With the sensitive Moon now conjunct Saturn this Sunday afternoon, there's a slow-down and a possibility of feeling daunted by the work needed in the first part of a Dragon year (to deal with balancing the coming months of Saturn's retrograde). Be aware that reminding oneself that LOVE conquers fear, and taking responsibility for our own heart - and the relationships we make - any internal personal work which has the aim of becoming more loving and peaceful, and willing to enter into dialogue in relationship, stands everyone in good stead for another karmic cycle (or more!).

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