Friday, 12 August 2011

Crowning Leo Glory ~> Full Moon in Aquarius 2011

A mega blast of cosmic energy roared from the Leo Sun King marking wild this week. The triple series of solar flares peaked with an X-flare on Tuesday the 9th August at 8:05UT. Solar flares hurl highly-charged particles and plasma into the solar system. These fierce coronal mass ejections impact upon Earth through a variety of means, from the weather to communication satellites; the flare on Tuesday (Mar’s day) was thankfully not directed head-on towards Earth, yet there are still strong vibrations; and the sensitive found it hard to sleep, with little appetite, feeling listless. This particular set of flares are symbolic of our spiritual progress and being able to familiarise oneself with the ability to remain centred during the purification process which encourages the Leo crown (chakra) to shine.  

The Sun is exalted in Leo, so events are dramatic, and often fun. Though this past week has been ‘marred’, literally, with Mars igniting volatile inflamitory issues through the challenging square to Uranus in Aries, i.e. the economic downgrades for U.S. & France, and of course, the "England riots", which shocked everyone by the speed at which they spread (and I don’t think one can blame social media, I saw many posts that encouraged people to stay home and safe). Mars is hot, fiery and implusive, as is Aries. Uranus however, will reveal any instability, whereas Mars ignites the tinder-box. Mars is also in a detrimental position throughout August (in homey Cancer, as well as being ‘unruly’ out-of-bounds). Mars also aggravates anger; it is well documented that people lose their ability to think straight when angry. Rioting is therefore a lose-lose situation - all the more reason to follow the Buddha’s advice and practice being calm. Yet with Mars' opposition to powerful but secretive Pluto (square Uranus), has brought a challenging and often polarising emotional and economic roller-coasters to ride, from the depths of dispair and up again to envisioning the confident future - as well as bringing previously hidden ufo files, to surface. I love ufology and am endlessly fascinated by what’s hidden in space (of course from the Buddhist pov, there is no-space:)). But still, my relative inclination is towards spiritual esoterica.  

Esoterically speaking, it might interest you to know how the Sun works on three levels - a bit like a sand-mandala, with its’ triple layered meaning: physical (body), heart (speech) and Spirit (the wisdom mind). There are also times when each of the Sun’s different qualities are activated. We are now in a long period of coming to understand the Spiritual wisdom-mind, a mind that has been stirring the heart-mind with varying intensity since the summer solstice 2010.

During this time of accelerated Spiritual development, we are learning to go beyond the political mundane events we see around us, and elevate our consciousness so that when confronted by difficult situations we remain clear and lucid.  

The Full Moon at 20 degrees of Aquarius on Saturday August 13th, at 19:57bst, we have the opportunity to connect to kindred spirits, and raise that loving vibration, to generate the altruistic intention the Aquarian brotherhood of humankind symbolises.

Planet Venus is also currently up-close and very personal with the Sun (exact conjunction on 16th) and opposing the Moon, indicating the importance of LOVE. So let's look at how we love: INTERpersonal describes relationships between you and another. INTRApersonal describes self-love - which is very poignant during a superior conjunction of the Sun and Venus. Can you honestly say, with hand on heart, that you love all of yourself? During this time when Spirit Sun is with Venus planet of values, respect and love, learning to love oneself, ghastly bits and all, is paramount, in order to transform the very same negative aspects. That which we condemn or deny are the most difficult to transform.

Acceptance encourages the healing magic.

As we say in Buddhism, when we learn to love one's own demons - jealousy, anger, greed etc, they stop eating at us or destroying in the same destructive way - and, more often than not, they disappear.

To be dedicated to LOVE is to be dedicated to evolution of the human SPIRIT.

Personally I am going to be with my most precious guru, His Holiness, the Dalai Lama over this full Moon ~> holding you in my prayers and sending Lama love your way :) _/|\_    

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