Tuesday, 30 August 2011

New Virgo Moon in Cosmic Grand Trine ~ August '11

A cosmic Grand Earth Trine charged Monday morning’s New Virgo Moon with remarkable recuperative powers. The trine’s influence is heightened today (Tuesday) as munificent Jupiter stations at 10Taurus, giving us perspective endowed with stability, and precious time to graze enables one to digest and see what needs to be done in order to manifest on the material plane.

By conserving and concentrating resources, this lunation encourages one to get real and focus, to channel universal consciousness through very ordinary circumstances, such as regular daily chores, taking care of mind and body. As Lord Buddha says “Before enlightenment, chopping-wood, fetching-water; after enlightenment chopping-wood, fetching water.” When we treat even the simplest activities with care and attention, they become a potential source of pleasure and, most interestingly, a gateway to the awakened Divine.

The sacred geometry at the start of this lunation is quite unusual. Two interlocking ‘Thor’s Hammers’ suggest two very separate issues need to be simultaneously ‘hammered’ (self-cherishing and emotional sacrifice, for instance); yet this Grand Trine exudes more pure Goddess power than normal, which tames the harsher energies we have recently been dealing with.

Spirit Sun is still travelling the heavens with love Goddess Venus (a union which continues to remain in orb until 9th September); and as they are both in the sign of the virtuous Virgo, now conjoined by the receptive Moon, it compounds the feminine traits of sensitivity, intuition and insight.  The Virgo conjunction accents an already beneficent trine between expansive Jupiter in steady Taurus and the very subtle but commanding influence of Pluto, in authoritative Capricorn, which currently demands a transformation of our value system. The Grand trine thus indicates positive economic and environmental compromise.

Tuning into the into the (internal yin) Goddess, who is now applying gentle pressure to find the middle ground, helps us understand to how the desire to help others is actually of greater evolutionary significance than the attachment to material acquisition. At the same time, we still have all the ability to give form to all that we need.

As always, the energy of any given moment is one to work with, as opposed to one that ego battles against. The trouble is a Grand Trine is often so nice and easy that it’s often gone before we know it. So my advice is to make the most of this emanating point of positive conditioning, and over the next two weeks establish the endurance on celestial offer and create good foundations for the coming autumn and winter months.

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