Tuesday, 28 December 2010

1:1:11 Remember the Future Now ~ Happy New Year!

Transforming the way we energise mind, body and spirit, is currently the celestial order . Though instead of addressing the need to turn over a new leaf for the New Year, the immediate appeal - especially during these winter months - could be to duck under the duvet and preserve every ounce of oomph and chutzpah for dealing with everyday concerns, which of course now means parties and pledges. And while we toast 01:01:11, I have one question: Will this next year be the year when we awaken to our true nature, changing obsessive desire by opting for something so much more sustainable, such as love and beauty, truth and openess? 

Going through the New Year's magical 1:1:11 portal, double master numbers foster psychic awareness, stability and strength.  The stars (and numbers) are saying ‘there is no time like the present’ to awaken the immense wonder inherent in every being. Now is the time to be the practical visionary: Make a wish! Set your magical intention into motion, at the same time trim back the unnecessary, old or outworn, and start the year with a leaner, cleaner outlook. Maybe our friends in the Southern hemisphere can fare better with this current planetary line-up hailing powerful renewal, because there is obvious light in greater abundance, giving space to think and illuminate the imagination.

North or South, because the Sun is next to strategic Pallas Athena, one of the best astral tips for self-renovation in time for New Year (and thereby contribute to collective transformation) is to make a plan. And as mind-body-spirit interconnects, the plan is also to include boosting the body’s immune system, as well as psychological moral. As Spirit Sun now conjuncts transformational Pluto, and dynamic Mars squares up to responsible Saturn (who are both currently exalted in their signs), said plan could also be radical if not downright workable.  Both Saturn and Pluto are slow moving, so without strings or attachment, it's a long-term practical approach towards what needs converted, renewed or improved, in order to restore a stable power base (and healthy body). Being realistic about any project, and the work entailed, means we have a greater chance of succeeding. Rather than blowing all to the wind by being overly expansive (leave that until spring, when the heavens are marked for rapid new growth), it will be easier to remain centred in the glorious eternity of the present moment by accepting that with love and care nothing is impossible.

Though this New Year holds a mixed astrological bag; some moments familiar, soft and tender - as the Scorpio Moon conjuncts sexy and loving Venus - while others are tough and stubborn, such as the lingering Mars square Saturn reminding us that hope is like patience, but with the light on. Effort spent in research and quiet reflection may initially feel like wading through treacle, requiring stoic patience; but with more than a little ingenuity and centred calm, new ideas begin to flow. Luckily, inventiveness has the potential to come in spades as the New Year gets into swing; on the 4th of January our personal vision of a brighter future could get the wake-up call, loud and clear. The 4th is also a powerful new moon Solar Eclipse in earthy Capricorn (more on this later); there are bound to be major shifts in recognisable power structures. During these mighty moments its mega important to remain grounded and protected. Oh! Is it back under the duvet again for some?! ;)

One last note: Just before New Year, on Thursday the 30th, Mercury, the planet of travel and communication goes forward. We might think we have seen the back of delays, disruption and misinformation, but the chances are that journeys and anything media orientated are still subject to interruption with a certain amount of chaos well into January. So if travelling, or starting new ventures, don’t become complacent: double check everything and still expect to turn up new facts or figures that could turn your life around; but “remember that patience is not passive; on the contrary it is active; it is concentrated strength.” (Edward G. Bulwar-Lytton).

LOVE and thanks to unknown artists and photographer of the TIPA performer of the Hunter from the Lhamo Opera.

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