Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year! 1:1:11 ♥_/\_ૐ

The digital rainbow tribe bubbles with LOVE & LIGHT and wishes of PEACE for the coming year. This collective excitement about crossing an 1:1:11 threshold is palpable. Rightly so, because 2011, while not as ‘hot’ for unknown astrological indicators as the two-ten zero-point awakening of the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun (an astral configuration which continues to mature through 2014!), TWO-ELEVEN has all the celestial makings of a world flowing into uncharted realms, with challenges for both, individual volition and communal transformation, which requires a good heart, altruistic intention, and faith in the depth, strength, and radiance of the human spirit. But hey, one step through the dazzling cosmos at a time, so while under the super-sexy auspices of a Scorpio Venus in trine to Jupiter & Uranus, I wish ONE and ALL a very HAPPY, healthy, and totally beautiful NEW YEAR!
With all my love lx ♥_/\_ૐ

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