Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Initiating Powerful Transformation -> Mercury Mars Pluto & Dragon's Head

A DRAMATIC constellation of planets at 4Capricorn suggests we take personal responsibility for initiating powerful transformation of thought & deed today, 14th December ~> as Moon in Aries squares Mercury, Mars and Pluto, who are all conjunct the Dragon's Head.

HOT, MEAN & HEAVY ~ this formidable stellium of intense celstial energy is magnified by the upcoming Solstice Lunar Eclipse sunrise, helping to let go and release the old and outworn, so that a magnificent and previously hidden future potential is unleashed. While the aim is to express present emotions with heart, cooly & clearly, am watching out for wanton willfulness and to curb any fiery Moon in Aries flare-up, which squares up to this conjunction of two planets, a planetoid, Rahu and the Galactic Centre. Instead, making calculated efforts to use loving inspiration for the greater good of all.
The cosmic focus is now upon confident renewal and the rebuilding of trust ♥ 

A longer time frame is needed to see the outcome of these energies, however, as Mercury has yet to revist the same degree - in January - as Venus brings up the rear in February, after completing her dance retrograde dance of magnetic balance. 

Capricorn has a concretising influence, like Saturn; but while facing the Galactic Centre and zero-point, Capricorn authority could so easily face meltdown, as something Plutonic dies in order to be reborn; and still, there are many changes in direction, especially as Mercury is retro.  

This could signal a time to be like dear trusted Voyager, who is heading into an unknown direction, intersteller space, by leaving our solar system as we know it, to beam back to earth for another 15 years (half Saturn cycle, half prog-moon cycle, and two Uranus sign moves).  We ought to relish a real sense of acheivement is possible with these planets, to be happy, thankful, and safe in the knowedlge that there are more accomplishments to challenge, process, and become.

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