Thursday, 7 October 2010

LOVE conquers ALL ♥ New Libra Moon 2010

♥ New Moon 14Libra at 19:44 bst --> LOVE ~ PEACE & UNITY

♥ Being human, we need someone to talk to, hold, and most of all, LOVE.

♥ So while the new Moon is in Libra, the sign of the heart in harmony, it's time to look at the way we relate: Partnerships, in relationship and business, now call for fairness, committment AND passion.

And by some Divine twist of fate, the planets are also now in sharing mode, all currently operating in pairs: Spirit Sun with Soulful Moon; Loving Venus with macho Mars (in deeply magnetic Scorpio); communicative Mercury with karmic Saturn (weighing heavy on thoughts & speech); transformational Pluto with Earth mother Ceres; Healing Chiron with dreamy Neptune; expansive Jupiter with visionary Uranus. Get the picture? The heavens are saying that we’re meant to be working with another (or other part of ourself) to create a partnership on an even keel, however that might work, be it sexual or spiritual, romantic or business. Now is the time of healing, reality and togetherness. Bring every possible positive aspect of self to the fore; and cosy up with someone or something you love that stimulates wholeness: a person, book or hot-water bottle!

♥ While BALANCE is the cosmic order of the day, the aligning Mercury Saturn also means we need to encourage a mind of healing, and watch negative thinking by being diciplined and nippping it in the bud right away. We can do that by making a commitment (i.e. setting the intention) to attain the clear mind (of enlightenment) without fear or desire clouding our view or judgement.

♥ Of course, that's the theory. ;) But Saturn is practical, and if we can just stop ourelves from just once spiralling into a black hole over the next few days, we create a clearer connection to our own spiriutal light. And practice makes perfect. (Shamatha) Calm abiding meditation is the key today.

♥ Note that unless we are in a complete state of trust, there is no need to reveal everything we want, feel or think, to those who have yet to show unconditional friendship. Indeed, we may to hold back from confrontation, in order to understand emotional fears.

♥ Remember that LOVE conquers ALL things: let us too surrender to love ♥

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