Thursday, 21 October 2010

A 2nd Aries Moon beams the Light of Life ~ Oct '10

The Divine Light of consciousness stimulates head AND heart with a second Full Moon in Aries. This time the Moon will be at 29degrees Aries at 2:36 am (gmd) early Saturday morning. A second Full Moon in any zodiacal sign is a ‘Krishna Moon’ or ‘Christ Moon’ radiating love for all, including self (& this may well be the origination of the ‘Blue Moon’ concept, due to Krishna’s royal colour.).

Only a few days after the Moon in apogee, stretching our Earthly electromagnetism, this full Moon happens to be very powerful.  Once again in Aries the Moon is opposite the Libran Spirit Sun: the spiritual warrior’s sacred heart is balanced with mirror-like wisdom and a certain familiarisation, as both Lights (Sun & Moon) contain within them the various emotional and spiritual experiences since the previous Autumn Equinox Full Aries Moon: thus the ‘Light that Moves to Rest’ reflects ‘The Light of Life’ that shines on a true and loving heart. 

From nought degrees Aries at the Full Equinox Moon, until now at the anaretic degree at the very end of the sign - one entire lunation - the Libra-Aries axis of personal will verses relationship is given a second cosmic focus. The theory is that because we are acquainted with the range of dynamic Aries-Libra expressions: I and we, individual and partnership, assertion-compromise, we are therefore more in tune with these powerful and forward moving energies, able to find a happy balance between the will of action and peaceful dialogue (or not, as the case may be). 


Now is the time to balance personal will within relationship needs. Impulsive or irrational feelings could tip the Libran scales.

Much, as always, will depend upon the individual’s connection to these all important Cardinal signs, especially now that taskmaster Saturn is in harmonious Libra, sometimes parading as the Lord of Love who dares to dance with the horned devil (a power-playing ego), while squaring up to Pluto at 3 degrees Capricorn, indicating a formidable, almost painful transformation of authority; and on the opposite side of the sky lie Jupiter and Uranus, stirring up personal, collective and planetary change in a most challenging way.   

This, however tricky the current arrangement of the planets, is an important Moon for Buddhists, as it is the Full Moon when the Lord Buddha agrees to the Deva’s request to descend from the Heavenly Realms of the 33, the Trayatrisma (where he had repaid kindness by teaching his mother), and return to Earth to continue teaching the dharma. In a week’s time, at the last quarter moon on October 30th, just before Halloween, we celebrate the actual descent, Lhabab Du Chen, as being one of the four most important days in the Buddhist calendar.

This ability to move between spheres is not confined to the Buddha. The Spirit of the Sun is also currently up-close and personal with Venus and communicative Mercury.  When in Scorpio, Mercury acts as mediating psychopomp between the seen and unseen, urging us to be attentive to our thoughts while we shift between our levels of consciousness, so that we can recognise any gems we might discover. Venus retrograde provides a loving kind of insight; and Mars in Scorpio adds probing depth.


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