Saturday, 9 October 2010

The Geocentric Sun Saturn Mandala

♥ Our new Libra moon moved quickly (and thankfuly) away from the Sun and Saturn into Scorpio to continue growing into what is already a very strong lunation (marked by toxic floods & the Earth Mother's blood red sludge in Hungary).

♥ This Saturday the Moon conjuncts the Scorpionic Venus & Mars to reveal insight and passion through some kind of inherent hidden memory: have we been here before? And what can we learn from such profoundly felt emotions? There may be no obvious answers to how we are feeling right now; but as soon as the Sun and Mercury leave Saturn's orb by the end of next week, the 17th Oct, clarity of mind becomes apparent (over an issue possibly related to Sept 3rd)

above is a mandala illustrating the Sun-Saturn cycle from the Geocentric p.o.v. = Talk about bringing things to a head!. This rather tough conjunction - full of karmic connections - will soon be out of orb; so while some might have made further commitment (to relationship/fairness/balance), others will have fulfilled their karma. ♥

♥ Many astrologers do not share my love of wider orbs, up to 15 degrees with a conjunction of the Sun and Moon.  But over the years I have come to realise that planets in conjunction are times of concentration and focus, and conjunctions, especially with Saturn, need time before the seed energy sown at dark moon (a day or so before the new moon) takes hold. So as this Sun Saturn begins to wane, be like the image in the mandala, put down roots to sway in the Libran breeze, all the while remaining stable and strong. ♥

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