Thursday, 30 September 2010

Karmic Balance ~ Sun conjunct Saturn in Libra ~ 1st Oct 2010

To create a cosmic balance, karma now comes into play as the Libran Sun conjoins Saturn, who is exalted in Libra to weigh up the good and the not-so-good. It could quite easily be time of important moves and decisions (especially for those with early Cardinal degrees prominent, when we also take into consideration that Saturn is opposite Jupiter & Uranus, square Pluto).

Facing up to the consequences of the karmic law of cause and effect need not be unpleasant. Indeed, providence can be positively encouraging when we when we come from the heart spirit and take responsibility for all our relationships; for that is when the love-light shines to illuminate all kinds of difficult situations, helping to resolve peacefully together, with kindness and diplomacy.

Remember that we tend to attract what we need (to learn) in order to become wise.

Fascinating synchronicity: as the Libra Sun came within orb of Saturn: The other day I found myself in a room with 3 Librans; each of them dealing with the demanding trials of Saturn's presence on their point of Spirit; each of them appeared to be more patient, accepting and wiser and, on the cosmic scale of things, more willing to compromise in order to acheive. Such are the gifts of 'Old Father Time'.

I also find it interesting how all three leaders of British politics, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, and now Ed Miliband are all cardinal signs; complete with the drama in the personal lives of Libran Cameron and Capricorn Miliband, who really are dealing with massive karmic responsibility.   

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