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Solar Eclipse July 11th ~ Uniting as One

The heavenly union of our radiant Sun and reflective New Moon takes on a greater significance during the Total Solar eclipse at 19 Cancer on Sunday July 11th at 20:34 (bst), as a cosmic kind of consciousness has the potential to enter into our awareness.  A Solar eclipse reminds us to remain in our presence, aware nothing is permanent, not even the sunshine during the day.
With each monthly conjunction of Sun and New Moon, there is always a sense of the new stirring, within our heart-mind, emotions and intellect, as well as within our natural environment. But during a Solar eclipse, when the Moon passes in front of the Sun, time suspends in a sacred space to create a powerful portal for magical human realization. The partial eclipse begins at 18:09 (bst), total starts at 19:15 (bst) with the greatest eclipse at 18:34; total ends at 21:51 (bst) and partial ends at 22:57 (bst).  This eclipse is in effect for a total of five hours, with five minutes 20 seconds grand totality.

In fact, all kinds of energies, seen and unseen, can ride in with this dark moon conjunction. So it is most important to call in the Dharmapala, protector deities, and the Lama, as spiritual bodyguard, from afar - especially during meditation and prayer, as that is when we are more sensitive and open to emptiness and bliss. 
At a Solar eclipse duality disappears as dynamic and fiery Solar Yang manifests as Rahu Dragon’s head, merging with the Lunar Yin Ketu’s tail – at the forehead chakra - to unite as one.  For the duration of the greatest totally of the eclipse, in this case 5 minutes and 20 seconds, we can bide this celestial state of non-duality.

This year’s set of eclipses are in Moon ruled Cancer, as descending node, and karmic Capricorn ascending node. This Sun and Moon in feminine Cancer bonds the global family via the Mother’s womb and the primordial Goddess, where we find innate bliss in oneness; while the opposite node, Capricorn, accents karmic responsibility. Tibetans say that Karma is multiplied 10,000x during an eclipse day.
Spiritually this eclipse connects us to all pervading space, which is empty of inherent existence.  On a psychological level this corresponds to primordial feelings; through facing our darkest emotions, healing family fortunes, repairing ancestral connections and mending historical barriers by moving ahead cautiously.  How this eclipse actually manifests in our lives will depend upon where the eclipse degree lies in the horoscope and the aspects it makes to the individual chart. And it may take a while to see, as the effects of eclipses are said to last in the case of solar eclipses for as many years as minutes: This one is total and five minutes long, equalling five years of influence.  (The next total eclipse is 2013.) So it’s worth baring in mind the power of the intention during this very potent occasion.

That said, this eclipse actually makes some good aspects to other planets. Sun and Moon are conjunct the 'loyal and loving' asteroid Juno, and all three are in harmonious sextile to active Mars (and by extension Saturn), making it easier to purify karma and rid impure mental and physical afflictions.  

During eclipses our bioenergy, often called the chi or prana which constantly courses through the channels and nadis in our subtle body can ignite kundalini to rise to meet at the forehead chakra – the all-seeing eye, and even the crown chakra can open - which is why it is so very important to be psychically protected during these moments. 
Be prepared.  Note the breath and how left and right nostrils are performing. Before the actual eclipse tune into the subtle body and be aware of how the prana is flowing through you. Note which nostril is dominant; and how you feel. Are you hot, cold, humid or dry?  There are foods to eat to enhance or calm either of the main side channels: the right hand Sun and left hand Moon, (Pingala and Ida, (Roma & Kyangma (tib)). (Personally, I find it’s always handy to have a glass of water close by during eclipses and, being an emotional water sign, a tissue!).  Then during the eclipse, while sitting in the seven point Varocaina meditation position, focus upon the breath, directing the centre of your attention to the own heart, mirroring the convergence of energy at the Solar System’s heart of the Sun and keep the flame of love alight. 

We are currently coming to the end of the current ‘eclipse season’. Eclipses occur twice a year, coming in pairs with a lunar and solar eclipse.  The next lunar eclipse is Winter Solstice December 21st and the Solar on the 4th Jan 2011.  

On the 26th June we witnessed the Full Moon lunar eclipse, one of the Full ‘Super Moons’ astrologers have been talking about for some time because it also generated a very rare celestial phenomena called the ‘Cardinal Cross’, or the ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’ as it is known in esoteric astrology: a configuration which is directly implicated with the evolution of the human spirit. This Cardinal Cross now connects responsible Saturn in Virgo opposite outgoing Jupiter and altruistic Uranus, both now in Aries, to the eclipses of the Cancerian Sun and the Moon with transformational Pluto.  The key qualities this 2010 Cardinal Cross of the Spiritual Sun will brings about during the process of enlightenment and evolution are autonomy and motivation, contribution of talents, mastery of purpose – to synthesise all this one has to fully engage with life, and not let it pass us by.

To be honest, in thirty years of heavenly observation, the planets have rarely been so chock-full of such powerful potential.  How this manifests could remain to be seen until after the New Moon solar eclipse on Sunday, when we will be ushering in a barrage of powerful new energy.  

With so many influences all converging within this tense formation, we may all in one way or another have reached our own personal crossroads. This Cardinal Cross promotes Saturn to speak of discipline and career concerns, but in opposition to expansive Jupiter with Uranus, we’re asking for co-operation, to express our own uniqueness; while the Sun represents individual spirit, Pluto can be controlling in the midst of chaos and drama. You get the picture: It’s an evolution which may not be so easy. 

To make this development, we may be looking at various different routes: maturing wisdom and authority; polishing our professional services; becoming more actively involved in issues that rouse; releasing anything that no longer serves our positive progress: all these are ways in which we can be free of our fetters in order to welcome the new with this upcoming Solar Eclipse.  And because Uranus and Jupiter are involved, we may also be looking at bigger, collective issues, galvanised to be more responsible at work, with others, about ourselves, and the planet. These are huge issues which demand care and attention, treating ourselves with the kind of love that a mother shows her child. Similar sensitivity needs to be given to everyone around us, as no one seems exempt from the kind of dramatic changes currently taking place.  Be aware how tidal forces will be strong if not extreme during these next two weeks; this can mean our internal emotions can soar to wild heights then plummet into shocking depths, this can also be externally seen with the weather; more specifically because this is a water ruled new Moon in Cancer, as well as a Solar eclipse, our oceans and all water comes into focus: flash floods, mudslides and even quakes are all likely in hot spots. The point here for the spiritual being is to remain calm and coolly ride any turbulent energy as best we can, to maintain the positive vibration.

Interestingly, we also have a comet streaking through the sky in the same area as the position of the Sun (Spirit), and as it is now closest to the earth, it also has the longest tail in history. We can catch it in the sky at dusk in early July. Comets are generally considered difficult omens for those in authority. This once-in-a-life-time visitor, Comet McNaught, came into view while transiting Perseus, the Hero; at the same time it was also announced a new star was born in the same constellation: the new hero for our times could well be the spiritual warrior, as opposed to the war hero. The comet will be visible during the Solar eclipse on July 11th, when the Moon blots out the light of the Sun, but can only be seen from the South Pacific, on Easter Island (where I'd love to go!).

With all this wild celestial activity, something is cosmically bound to break through and awaken during this Cross, stormy as it may be. Although everything outlined here is not all that easy, people rarely want to move out of a perceived comfort zone, even if sleeping on a bed of nails - only the deeply sensitive are seemingly aware of the potential of this situation. Heartening to know we are nearing critical spiritual mass, encouraging all paths to meet at the Central Spiritual Sun. This alone will have some kind of evolutionary impetus. Exciting times! Even if they are not so carefree we can still cultivate the light heart.

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