Tuesday, 11 August 2015

♃ ♍ - Jupiter in Virgo - August 11th 2015 - September 10th 2016

“Out of chaos comes order” …Quick, tidy your desk, put away the dishes, make lists, and generally be the most super-organised you can, and get ready to honour the movement of the Cosmic Guru Jupiter into Virgo today (@12:11bst)! The last time Jupiter was in Virgo was 12 years ago; and you may find correlations from back then, especially in the way you wish you serve others, as there are now. You see, when the Zodiac's Sacred Teacher is in the sign of the Virgoan Goddess of Perfection, the overview shifts from the Leonine ego and self, to that of helping oneself to help others to be the best they can be too. 

♃ ♍ - Jupiter’s move into pure and practical, smart and earthy Virgo heralds a time of healing with working wisdom, as well as having a greater perspective upon the small things in life, such as the way we treat animals, as well as objects used to heal and communicate our personal details with such as mobile computers, phones – even the health of the bees, which are ruled by Jupiter, and threatened by chemicals, mites and radiowaves, are cosmcially bound to become common knowledge

♃ ♍ - With any major planetary move there are always the connections made between the heavenly bodies to consider. At the time of Jupiter’s tropical ingress into the sign of the wise feminine there several important astrological aspects; to begin with Jupiter is joining an exalted Mercury in Virgo, highlighting the need for clear and concise communication;  conjunct Venus imparts hope and optimism – this is the ‘can do’ factor, and with the love in your heart one needs, because Jupiter is also in square to Saturn (a major theme for this more-than-a-year-long passage), which means that many of the big things, such as plans, events, situations, or even relationships that have been too grand, too large or too unworkable will need to scale down and become much more manageable. Luckily, we have until September 2016, before Jupiter moves into Libra, which is more than enough time to perfect patience.

♃ ♍ - This Virgo Jupiter is also conjunct Regulus, a glorious (mag1) fixed star which indicates unbridled success - but only if we are able to control negative emotions. And with Jupiter opposite Neptune at home in Pisces, which is also Jupiter’s traditional sign, the challenge is to learn from and to avoid negative emotional states. From a personal point of view this means upping our education (no bunking off, now), and becoming wise enough to know when to back-off and away from destructive situations that harm ourselves and others. From a collective point of view it’s imperative that we now begin to take responsibility, on mass, to recognise that the Earth requires a powerful healing from the various toxic impurities inflicted upon our Mother. Jupiter in Virgo will highlight the need to purify our planets’ water, seas, oceans and rivers, so the next generation can enjoy the clean and healthy living we would also like for ourselves. Lastly, in Jupiter’s own sign of the archer, Sagittarius, we find the warrior woman Pallas Athena (and in my time zone she is conjunct the part of fortune!); this is a signal to make plans (if only as guidelines) and to be aware of how strategy influences outcome.  Synthesizing all these aspectes if becomes clear that now, more than ever we now need to motivate ourselves to live for the benefit of others.

<3 A short invocation _/\_ “May we all do our best to heal our negative emotions. May we remove all obscurations of body, speech and mind, to be clear, healthy and wise, so that all beings (seen and unseen) enjoy a happy and wholesome life and planet!”  - May it be so….
With ℒℴѵℯ & thanks to the unknown artist at Deer Park Institute, Bir, India for lovely Earth Goddess ॐ__/❤\__

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