Sunday, 23 August 2015

Medicine Moon August 2015

☼ ☾Today's 1st Quarter Moon in Scorpio is conjunct karmic Saturn, at the all-important ‘anaretic degree’, the last degree of both the Sun at 29 Leo and the Moon at 29 Scorpio; this is also the very last time Luna will join Saturn in Scorpio for another 30ish years (by next month Saturn will be in Sagittarius for two and a half years), making this a rather loaded and weighty Medicine Buddha day. Heavy in the sense that patience is called for, as karma drama can be seen as accumulative cause and effect and certain past actions can all-too-easily catch up. But karma also means action. And when the sensitive moon is conjunct karmic Saturn, that action is loaded with personal responsibility for overcoming negative and destructive actions. Engaging in such a practice surely has golden rewards. Obstacles can now be cleared by delving into and healing the deeper parts of psyche which are currently in for the long-haul transformational process. It helps to now to let go of any part of life, such as ingrained desires and old memories that keep us stuck in behavioural or thought patterns that no longer serves the higher purpose, i.e. stay in the present and do now what is best for everyone, including oneself.

☾ A triple set of ‪#‎SuperMoons‬ is on the rise. The Moon tends to influence in three’s, i.e. maiden, mother, crone...
☽☼☾ 29th August = is 1st of the 3 Full SuperMoons. And in Pisces, the spirit of water purifies and renews organically, emotionally, and within the environment.
☽☼☾ 28th September is also an Apollo-Light-St Michael-Lillith-Bloodmoon-SuperMoon ‪#‎LUNAReclipse‬ on a MOONday (sunday night/monday-am)! In Libra, the Moon is also conjunct ‘‪#‎Laniakea‬’, which means ‘Immeasurable Heaven’, the Galactic Supercluster into which our entire galaxy is being drawn, into a heart of love, beauty and balance.
☽☼☾ 27th October sees a Taurean Luna at her degree of exaltation, which I find rather comforting, and with a little adjustment here and there issues that overwhelm during the August Full Supermoon, find some stabilisation .
Medicine Buddha mantra 'Thayata Om Bekhanze Bekhanze MahaBekhanze Rasa Sammut Gate Soha' _/\_ May the healing be quick and strong

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