Friday, 3 April 2015

Lunar Eclipse in Libra ~> April 4th 2015

Karma Multiplied Day x 100,000
☽★☼ In this year of the Green Yin Wood Goat/Sheep, it is the season of spring, of natural new growth and stability, that has extra emphasis due to the Wood element’s association to spring (each element has a seasonal propensity). Any helpful new shoots now in evidence (be they metaphorical) should be positively encouraged. Summer will be good for the Sheep wending peaceful progression too, but as the essence of Wood is likened to Western astrology’s Air element, the astral influence is a windy spring. Solar winds are also currently streaming in from the Sun, charging up Earth’s atmosphere with what might even be called solar vayu, the prana of consciousness: a magical and nourishing wind air. Meditators and the inherently sensitive may now even sense the winds of change blowing in some surprising breakthroughs, especially so with a full Blood Moon Lunar eclipse on the rise. 

☽★☼ The element of Air is brought further into focus because the equinox Full Moon is in Libra (exact 13:05gmt). Libra is a leading Air sign, social and friendly, seeking peace and beauty in all relationships. And in opposition to the speedy and fearless (i.e. headstrong and impatient!) Arian Spiritual Warrior that could push for faster transmutation, the balanced Libran influence has the equipoise and potential to harmonise relationships a self-cherishing ego has with all kinds of significant other(s). This, then, is a Full Moon to align the me-we axis, so that both party's needs and ambitions are met.

☽★☼ During this kind of eclipse a practiced yogi may also be aware of the internal winds; the vayu which course through the body. As Yoga Tantra teaches, winds which carry the prana throughout the body can, at the time of an eclipse, relax celestially related channels: so much so the tantrika can release (karmic) knots, so the heart-mind can be truly transformed and liberated to freely practice loving kindness. Yet while this kind of high-level meditation takes years if not lifetimes of practice and guidance, we mere baby Bodhisattvas may also feel some kind of (collective) shift awakening the senses to bliss and beauty, wisdom and compassion.
Happy Easter Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse to one & all _/✿\_
Image is Akshobya by Jampa Tsondue _/✿\_ with love & thanks

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