Saturday, 4 April 2015

Diversity in Unity & the Lunar Eclipse in Libra (Exact 15 degrees Libra/Aries @12:05gmt)

☽★☼ Karma Multiplied Day x 100,000 

☽★☼ Destiny now calls us to co-create peace, love and unity in all affairs. As this 3rd in a series of 4 Lunar ‘Tetrad’ Eclipses (the next is in September), to let go of the self-cherishing ego is the way to embrace beauty, fairness and justice _/\_

☽★☼ The outer planets influence on this eclipse, specifically the last of the now infamous 7 Uranus Pluto squares, means each individual’s ability to change and transform can make a dramatic impact upon the collective. As they say: if you want to see change in the world, then start by changing one’s self. The key to success is to now bring individual talents to the whole for all to enjoy, caring for and celebrating each other's gifts that we share.

☽★☼ With the astral focus upon the exalted Aries Sun conjunct the South Node, the Dragon’s Tail of the Lunar Eclipse (Ketu), there is a potential for a sudden release of anger, impatience, or pent up frustration - by going to the gym, for example, or entering into dialogue with whoever is subject of irritation, or by simply removing oneself from an annoying situation so the mind can relax, and allow the courage to come to the fore. The Spiritual Warrrior has the strength to release negativity without hurting anyone, including oneself. Also it’s worth bearing in mind how Libran Moon is about to enter a part of the sky called the ‘Via Combusta’; walking the 'fiery path’ encourages renewal by releasing all that no longer serves. So now is the time to be objective and unencumber thoughts, feelings, people and situations that prevent feelings of harmony and peace. Indeed, this Libra Moon suggests we make more of an effort to practice loving kindness, especially with close loved ones and the people we socialise with in order to reveal our own inner beauty as a reflection of the strength and splendour we see all around.

☽★☼ In the Northern hemisphere it’s also time to look after the liver, eat bitter foods, detox the physical body and drink light herbal teas to maintain optimum balance, so that meditative equipoise is not also possible, but stabilised, in these times of dramatic change _/\_

Wishing everyone a wonderful eclipse wherever you are, and even if you don’t see it, you will probably feel it, go lightly, with LoveLight, Laura

Image is by Robert Beer of Samanthabhadra, with ℒℴνℯ & thanks. _/\_

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