Wednesday, 28 May 2014

SakaDawa ~> 28/29th May New Moon in Gemni

A New Gemini Moon, during the year of the dynamic Green Wood Horse, on the 28th/29th May at 18:40UT, sees the start of a lunar cycle when Himalayan Buddhists celebrate ‘SakaDawa’, and the birth, enlightenment and paranirvana of Gautama Sakyamuni Buddha. Throughout this next lunation, karma is multiplied 100x. Creating merit is encouraged. Karma is further multiplied 100billion x at the Saka Dawa Full Sagittarius Moon, bringing teachings to and from the cosmic Heart Guru.

Whatever is set into motion with this New Moon cycle, spiritual practice or healing project, or romance even, is celestially sealed with three incredibly optimistic astral markers, creating a wave of powerful cosmic energy; firstly with the sacred Six Pointed Earth-Water Star ✡ on the 5th June; culminating with the blessed festival of SakaDawa ۞ at Full Moon 13th June; and for magically Divine Feminine Solar-Luna interaction, with a last quarter waning Dakini moon at Summer/Winter Solstice ☼ June 21/22nd, bringing this holy lunation around full bliss!

Also, at this start of SakaDawa lunation, Gemini Sun/Moon/Healing Goddess Hygeia are in hard square to compassionate Neptune in Pisces, to learn how to heal others with kindness and consideration. By the end of this lunar cycle (June 27th) Neptune then makes a much better aspect and trineS the Cancer Sun/Moon. Generally speaking, this shift from tough aspect to easy makes this a month of potential peak blissful experiences, particularly when surrendering in devotion, to be of spiritual service for the greater good in the world. ॐ_/\_

Wishing for all beings to reach enlightment with a teaching from Verse 29 from Atisha's ‘Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment',"I shall not be eager to reach enlightenment in the quickest way, but shall stay behind till the very end for the sake of a single being."

Many thanks for Chenrezig Tangka illustration to Norbulinka ॐ_/\_

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