Friday, 23 May 2014

Dakini Day ~> May 23rd/24th ॐ_/♥\_ॐ_/♥\_ॐ_/♥\_

Coming into the last major phase of this moon cycle, with only five days before the New Gemini Moon that starts the month of SakaDawa, today’s Dakini Moon in Aries puts fire in your soul and brilliance at the heart.

This highly independent Aries Moon also activates the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun, the current celestial configuration t
hat is dynamic, active and extremely influential. Because this Grand Cross also involves generational planets, it means the initiation into transformation and often dramatic change is felt by everyone, in one way or another. Whether the changes we individually go through are seen or unseen (as in spiritual or psychological), it is over this weekend that the initiating power and insight from the Divine Feminine (which we all possess) that now sets the stage for liberation, with this super-strong and passionate Aries Moon.

Note this adventurous Aries Moon conjuncts wild-card Uranus on Saturday 24th, when insight can come from out of the blue. As can less helpful emotions, such as egotism, selfishness and anger. That Uranus is the Hierarchical ruler of Aries, it does however suggest raising the altruistic intention and helping others is the way to help oneself.

Today’s positive aspect from the Gemini Sun and Aries Moon also coincides with Mercury entering into the shadow phase of its retrograde, which will take place June 7th until July 1st. An applying shadow phase tends to alert us to possible issues which will need extra attention during the retrograde. And as Mercury rules Gemini there’s a double emphasis upon healing, communication and, dare I say, trickery. Yet there may even be more solutions than usual, as well as more slip-ups. Gemini and Mercury are both known as being quick-witted and highly versed in mental gymnastics, aware there are many paths, each with interesting twists and turns which lead to the same place – and much will depend upon our ability juggle many things at the same time, as well as relations with sangha and friends, as to the speed to which we achieve the aims we now set forth over these next few days.

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