Friday, 9 May 2014

Grand Cross & Grand Sextile = Metatron ~> Manifesting spirit into matter__/❤\__ May 9-10th

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There are times when the heavens create truly sacred geometry. And in this merry month of May, on the day when we honor our (inner) teacher, Guru Rinpoche Day, we have one of these beautifully rare celestial moments that sparkles with LoveLight. While the dynamic ‘Cardinal Cross of the Ce
ntral Spiritual Sun’ is still active until the end of May (and with varying intensity into next year), a most magnificent ‘Grand Sextile’, with a double tetrahedron, fleeting forms a six-pointed star to bless us for the next day or so. This star is similar to the one from last summer, in as much as it is feminine and yin in nature, with the two interlocking ‘Grand Trines’ in Earth and Water elements, accenting emotional steadiness and the ability to handle peaks and troughs more easily.

Emphasizing emotional healing through unconditional compassion (starting with one’s self), the Virgo Moon brings helpful practicality to the fore. By seeing the bigger picture of how we are intricately connected to each other and our environment, we can expand the heart-mind with loving kindness; allowing insight into past karma to continue throughout the United Nations Vesak Full Moon (13th-14th-15th May). During this period, a profound spiritual stability and transformation is inevitable when letting-go of psychological power-mongering baggage enables one to feel lighter and freer to shine and radiate natural goodness.

May your sacred stars always twinkle, my friends
Giving thanks to the Goddess!

With Love & thanks for artwork to ZuvuyaCircuit for Metatron & 5thSol.

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