Saturday, 25 January 2014

Sun in Aquarius ~ ☉♒□☽♏ ~ Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio - Jan 2014

Coming to the end of the year of the Black Water Snake - a year of profound insight and powerful emotions - tonight's Last Quarter Moon presents the opportunity to transform during ‘a crisis of conscience’ (because this is a time when principles are called into focus). Now is therefore time to clear and prepare for the oncoming and exciting Aquarian New Moon and the New Chinese Year of the Green Wood Horse Thursday the 30th January. (Note this year that Losar, Tibetan New Year, is a month later, March 2nd). The energy surrounding the Wood Horse is markedly different to the water bound Snake; the Horse is dynamic, quick and active, willing to shoot the breeze and grow and move in exciting places and spaces. So best be prepared to ride the new WindHorse-power. Remove hindrance and overcome obstacles by being cooperative and concentrated (even with self), utilising the clarity of the altruistic and friendly Aquarian Sun, in combination with the insightful (and often secretive) magnetic Scorpio Moon.

This arrangement of Sun and Moon tends to give the Spiritual Warrior shamanic healing abilities, by testing the ability to remain emotionally detached - yet profoundly engaged in the process of healing issues of trust, abuse and power. The challenge is to use such perceptive awareness wisely, so that all beings are happy.

Image is of Green Tara, Great Mother Liberator who helps overcome obstacles _/✿\_Om Tara Tutara Ture Soha _/✿\_

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