Wednesday, 1 January 2014

✫☽☉~♥~☉☾✫~ HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 ~✫☽☉~♥~☉☾✫

The start of this brand New Year is deliciously unique with a New Capricorn SuperMoon at 11:14GMT. This is a potent beginning for 2014, with Earth closest the Sun, and Moon closest the Earth, the magnetic pull between heaven and Earth is positively tidal. Thus the celestial energies at the beginning of 2014 are close, deep, and powerfully compelling!

And now Solar Poles have aligned, we also have the potential to be aligned in thought, word and deed. Being well and truly centred in the New Year’s sturdy Capricorn earthiness means we are able to utilise skilful means when faced with obstacles. Bear in mind that while we have this glorious start with a SuperMoon, it’s not the only rare marker for 2014, due to the year’s cosmic signature coming into focus right from day 1, with a ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’ bringing Divinity, spiritual awareness and the altruistic intention to the fore, right from the start.

Such a start to our collective beginning is rare and I will write more about this unusual Grand Cross, but for now I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR, and let you know the planets in this exceptional cross formation are active and dynamic, generating movement and self-motivated change. Growth for the Spiritual Warrior comes from developing loving kindness and bodhicitta with a balanced heart-mind, aware of personal karmic responsibility; and therein lies the challenge.

May 2014 be auspicious for all beings!

Astro note: This is the first of two SuperMoons, both in January, as the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse follows one lunation later, at the end of the month on the 30th (note Tibetan New Year, Losar, is on March 2). _/\_

Best wishes to you all!
with LoveLight _/\_
✫ ☾☉~♥~☉☽✫✫ ☾☉~♥~☉☽✫✫ ☾☉~♥~☉☽✫

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