Tuesday, 14 January 2014

✫☽~♥~☉✫ Full Moon in Cancer January 15/16th ✫☽~♥~☉✫

Like a Mother looking after her child, the Moon at home in Cancer provides a place of homely protection, the sanctuary from chaos, and an anchor in rough seas. And the key to the Cancer Moon’s ability awaken the Divine Mother (within each of us) to show care and consideration is love, unconditional and pure.

This Cancer Full Moon, (sandwiched between two New SuperMoons) is exact Wednesday 15th/Thursday 16th at 4:52GMT, accenting professional guidance and practical care for next of kin, as well as friends and the global family. Reflecting the Spirit of the life-giving Sun in accomplished Capricorn (conjunct retrograde Venus), the growing-to-full Cancer Moon conjuncts generous Jupiter, revealing opportunities and helpful, available resources, emotional or solid, that feed and nurture growth and positivity.

With the actual Full Moon, however, there’s a tougher, almost wrathful feminine force at work. Conducting dark energy scored from the Moon’s trajectory around Earth, and determined to protect Earthly treasures (elements water and Earth), Black Moon Lilith heralds from the Divine Mother’s womb as the wisdom Dakini to conjunct this Cancer Full Moon. Black Moon Lilith is the wild part of our self that is fearless when entering the void to embrace bliss. For this is the power of the Divine Feminine who understands the alchemical transformational of Kundalini snake medicine, and whose heightened sense of enlightened awareness galvanises the participation of solving and resolving all the emotional and worldly problems in Samsara’s sea of suffering, as a means of caring and healing and cutting down haughty ego. This, then, is no ordinary Full Moon: it’s a Full Moon with the potential to awaken and illuminate the (collective) subconscious and transform into action.

With love & thanks to A. Andrew Gonzalez, for 'The Oracle of the Pearl', 
from Laura _/♥\_

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