Saturday, 14 September 2013

Virgo Lunation ~ Guru Rinpoche --> Cardinal Cross & Fixed 'T' Square 2013

September 14th ~> Guru Rinpoche
Sun in Virgo - Moon in Capricorn

I was asked today why, according to astrology, these are such challenging times. And this is a really long and involved answer with lots of astro-tech, as there are two very difficult aspects going on at the moment, which involve both Cardinal and Fixed signs (which is 2/3rd of the zodiac), so few escape the planetary energies – apart from the cosmic enlightened ones, of course, who are beyond the influences of the heavens. _/\_

One such difficult aspect is the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun, which will continue to come and go until 2015/6 with varying intensity (as it has already been doing for the past three years). This highly evolutionary square is rare in its longevity, and involves dynamic, active Cardinal Signs: Assertive Aries with Uranus, planet of awakening as the agent of the square; Sensitive Cancer, with Jupiter, planet of expansion as the synthesising factor; Balancing Libra with messenger Mercury, planet of communication – with the Equinox Sun highlighting the Cardinal Cross at the end of the calendar month; last but not least, responsible Capricorn with transformative Pluto.

At its highest vibration, this square represents a rising Divinity (within). To be honest, this Grand Square with its two oppositions and an enduring hard aspect between two generational planes, Uranus and Pluto, it’s not easy to say the least, as interconnected life can go ‘haywire’ it involves a great deal of personal transformation and spiritual awareness to remain true to self. And every time the Moon hits one of these planets during this incredible Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun, we feel deeply the part we are playing in being able to dissolve the veils obscuring our shining and true Buddha nature.

Yet the required spiritual critical mass for Divinity to rise is, to my mind, almost here - if not already reached; as a collective tide turns towards the Divine Feminine, the Goddess balancing the rational of the mechanistic left-brain with the holistic creative right-brain, as well as awakening an intuitive wisdom with loving compassion. Still, the stress created by this realignment, of human with Divine, can be tough with on-going suppression of freedoms. And having a day when relationships falter, or self/others fail to produce, or authority clamps down and/or peer group seems alienating and a seemingly toxic collective upholds mass distraction with toys for celebrity boys (and girls), it’s all the more reason to hold ground, centre up and rest in the natural beauty of the glowing and radiant heart-mind ~> So when the going gets tough, breathe, meditate, slow down, and rise above the negative vibration that can hook the mind into slavish nonsense.

If the Grand Cross isn’t enough, the second aspect is a hard ‘T’ square between relationship-orientated Venus, disciplined Saturn, and the North Node in Scorpio (and by extention the South Node in Taurus) to Mars in Leo, which means fiery Mars has, for the past week or so, be on ‘The Bends’, turning between the dark side of the Moon and happenstance. Which could well feel just as crazy as it sounds! And Mars is still in square to Saturn creating a sensation a bit like wading through treacle, which has an upside, in as much as martial Mars is halted through fear, doubt, or plain realistic assessment (phew!). Note that Mars is akin to the energy of the South Node (logging the kind of energy we bring from previous incarnation or situations), and karmic Saturn is akin to destiny-fulfilling North-Node. So basically the Martial Lion has been wrapped around the Dragons’ Head AND the Dragon’s Tail, caught between coming and going. Now, he is going – straight into the arms of passionate, powerful love.

And as Venus, the planet of love now conjuncts Saturn, a commitment to the transformational power of deep, meaningful love means abandoning power plays of control and domination. So that when Love Goddess Venus squares passionate Warrior Mars at the last quarter moon 27/28th September, it can spark ardour, confidence, and the consciousness to renew and revitalise shared enterprise by following the urge to accomplish brave deeds, with unconditional LOVE conquering anger, hatred and aggression; for in the planetary pantheon Mars only disarms with Venusian charms.

So seeing that today, 14th September, is this lunation’s Guru Rinpoche day, with Sun in healing Virgo, the sign of the perfect and abundant Goddess, in good aspect to the sympathetic Moon in sensible Capricorn, it is more than fitting to ask for blessings and protection (from the Guru within) and discover the ability to overcome obstacles of these difficult aspects, so that all our aspirations can be fulfilled. ॐ_/♥\_

With many thanks to Luke Brown for beautiful Double Dorje & to Buddha of Compassion org, for the beautiful image of Guru Rinpoche as Medicine Buddha. Guru Rinpoche Mantra ~> "Om Ah Hung Vajra Guru Pema Siddhi Hung" _/♥\_

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