Sunday, 22 September 2013

☼ Autumn Equinox in the North ~ ☯ ~ Spring Equinox in the South ☼ Sept'13

Whether contemplating falling leaves or looking at new green shoots, Equinox marks a moment of inevitable change as Spirit Sun enters Libra, the sign of the scales, on the 22nd September at 20:44UT, and the balance of the ‘light of life’ switches hemispheres. In the north, we embrace the darkened reflective womb of feminine yin, as nights get longer and days shorter. Whereas fiery yang will dominate in the south. But, for these few equinoctial days, as the effects of a Full Moon linger, the heavenly harmony of equal-day and equal night, yin and yang, are in total equilibrium.

Whichever hemisphere you are in, with the sensitive Moon now in sensual, earthy Taurus, this equinox has a very Venusian feel, as both Libra Sun and Taurus Moon share the Goddess of Love, Venus, as ruler.

Venus currently traverses insightful Scorpio together with karmic Saturn. Interestingly, Saturn is Libra’s hierarchical ruler, emphasizing the importance of working partnerships and social relations, as well as developing trust within intimate friendships. This conjunction of Goddess and Time Lord is generally considered testing, particularly as they conjoin the destiny-fulfilling North Node. Commitment, discipline and responsibility are now key transformational factors, especially when applied with tender loving care.

Controlling Saturn’s greatest lesson is to learn how to come from the heart, to love with integrity, to be fair and just - without strings or attachment. It’s worth bearing in mind that if feeling alone or lonely at this time of change, some important and long-lasting relationships can have this realistic yet loving celestial connection. Furthermore, in Scorpio, this celestial rapport intuitively knows who and what offers meaningful support to the profound alchemical process in the transformation of the heart. So if there is change to be made in our personal lives now, it is to surround ourselves with spiritual and like-minded friends, companions who favour awakening to the LOVEly ultimate reality that there is no separateness between 'me' or 'we', and that we are, in fact, pure wholesome bliss.

Happy Equinox _/☯\_ & thanks to unknown artist for lovely seasonal contemplative Buddha.

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