Saturday, 6 April 2013

Venus & Mars conjunction in Aries ~> April 2013

Before the new Aries moon on Wednesday 10th April, two other very beautiful planetary connections take place. One includes the relationship planets, Venus and Mars, who are now in heavenly union; this conjunction takes place every two years, which is not as common as one might think, even though these planets carry with them the international symbols of male and female. Early tomorrow morning (exact Sunday morning at 5:23BST), the celestial lovers meet in pioneering Aries, the same sign the Sun is currently exalted: the sign of courage and enthusiasm. Together, Love Goddess Venus and passionate Warrior Mars (at home in fiery Aries) spark each others ardour, confidence, and the consciousness to share the cosmic urge to accomplish brave deeds, with LOVE conquering anger, hatred and aggression; for Mars only disarms with Venusian charms.

While Venus and Mars blaze in the glory of togetherness in the dark of the moon, an entirely more fluid dynamic, the spring and summer’s ‘Grand Water Trine’ also begins its Yin powered journey of an ever-changing watery configuration over the coming months. Starting off with the Earth Mother Goddess, Ceres, moving into Cancer to create a helpful trine aspect to structural Saturn, giving form and potentially stabilising with care and consideration to Neptune’s dreams about home, work, intimate relationship, or even saving the planet. This ‘Grand Water Trine’ is one of 2013's central features, with Saturn and Neptune its’ main components to bring a steady reality to the glamour of illusion that helps maintain a disciplined spiritual practice throughout.

Image of Vairocana and consort from a wiki work-in-progess the ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’, with LoveLight & thanks _/♥\_

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