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Guru Rinpoche Day ~ April 20th 2012

On the 10th day of any lunar month, Sun and Moon make what’s known in astrology as a ‘trine’ aspect, meaning La Luna is exactly one third into her lunation, and five days away from being full. This particular trine aspect is considered to be so important in Tibetan Buddhism that every month this day is known as ‘Guru Rinpoche day’, when we say prayers and make offerings to honour the Lama (our teacher) and our connection to the Lama’s heart, revealing one’s own Buddha nature.

The triangle relationship between planets is the best possible aspect to experience (in the horoscope). A 120° trine aspect bestows cosmic gifts and skills that can be easily developed and brought to fruition. Yet personal talents can be overlooked and underutilised because we often take them for granted. But when ‘The Lights’, Sun (action) and Moon (wisdom), are in this triangle formation during Moon's waxing phase, illuminating wisdom in action our gifts of are clear to see. As such, this particular trine aspect is deemed to be extremely fortunate as one is able, with the teacher’s insight and kindness, to swiftly overcome obstacles in order to accomplish fulfilment (enlightenment, even) at the time of the full moon.

So as Spirit Sun moves into steady Taurus tomorrow (April 20th) it makes this very special ‘trine’ to the sensitive Moon in healing Virgo; and the tempestuousness of the past few days should begin to dissipate and stabilise situations so that recovery, reconciliation and attention to detail can take place.

Having said that, no one aspect works alone: the planets are all interconnected; as Sun remains with fiery Mars throughout the upcoming eclipses – a partial Lunar eclipse on the Full Moon in Scorpio on April 25th, and the Taurus Solar eclipse May 10th, it suggests turning points are ahead, though the action is firm, steady and cautious, as opposed to rashly jumping into any situation head first. With Sun, Mars & Venus all in the sign of the Bull, patience comes to fore when harnessing resources, and the fruit of one’s actions begins to take shape __/❤\__

(✿◠‿◠) Breathe into the heart-mind, relax, and let the love flow during today's very special Guru Rinpoche day, which today holds a beautiful cosmic synchronicity__/❤\__

Why so special? Well, readers of Dharma Stars might recall how Jupiter is the heavenly Guru who, like Tibet's second Buddha, Guru Rinpoche, wields a thunderbolt of enlightenment directing with his dorje to the truth of illusion and the wisdom of Buddha nature. And today, Guru Rinpoche Day, Jupiter is at the very same degree of 2012’s once-in-a-life-time Venus transit. This won’t happen again, so tune into lucky Jupiter and Goddess Venus (now at home in Taurus) who opened the way for Jupiter to now exert his lightening flash of understanding. Enjoy the awakening zap, and be struck by the sage celestial teacher’s Light of Love! __/❤\__

Artwork is a close up of the heart of Dorje Chang by Heinz Hoes with thx ♥

Top Image is of Guru Rinpoche Rainbow emanation.

Mantra ~> Om Ah Hung Vajra Guru Pemma Siddhi Hung _/❤\__

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