Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Blessings! _/✿\_ 2013

The sensitive Moon in optimistic Sagittarius opposes the expansive Sagittarian ruler, Jupiter, this Easter Sunday/Monday, making Jupiter the planet to uplift and influence our emotions and, more importantly at this moment in time, our cosmic DNA.

Generous Jupiter is the celestial Guru, teaching spiritual growth though morals and ethics, impersonal analysis, and big-hearted benevolence. Now in Gemini, Jupiter provides the intellect with a mirror in which to see the inner workings of Spirit, as this far-sighted planet passes over the very same degrees at which the love Goddess Venus made her momentous once-in-a-lifetime LOVE transmission to Spirit Sun last year. So cast your mind back to June 2012, and put your heart-mind into perspective; see how love, compassion and kindness have grown within and around you. And note how Jupiter can expand consciousness and activate these qualities even more so throughout April, and possibly for the rest of our lives.

Image of the Buddha and the Flower of Life by Bernart Amygdala Digital-Art, with thx ❤_/ॐ\_❤

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