Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Venus at Superior cojnunction with Full Libra Moonbeams ~ Easter 2013

★☽☼☾☆ Creative sky dancing under full Libra moonbeams; the relationship Love Goddess Venus (which rules Libra) is with the lively Aries Sun, to be exact tomorrow (28th March) AND Uranus, the wild and cool planet that demands space to be an eccentric free spirit. My beloved late teacher, Howard Sasportas, (co-founder of the Centre of Psychological Astrology) would associate this combination of planets with a dynamic he called the ‘freedom-closeness dilemma’. That is, the highly-charged challenge of being in a respectful partnership, with all its shared intimate moves and experiences, yet still able to expand, change, and socially experiment - all of which can confront a variety of conventional rules of what relationship means.

A suggested formula in resolving any kind of relationship conflict between Aries autonomy and the often disconnected, chaotic genius that an unconventional Uranus implies, now tightly aligned with the Venusian need for attachment, is to embrace any space between you and a loved one, as a means of doing our own thing with love in our heart. Generously giving others freedom and/or taking our own independence means everyone can remain friends. It’s also a lesson in not holding on so tightly so that one is in danger of suffocating the very thing/person/idea that is loved and admired.

From a spiritual practitioner’s point of view, one might say Venus with Uranus in Aries now encourages one to fully engage in the self-observing dance of self-awareness and consciousness, to focus upon ego-melting love by being engaged but, at the same time, detached enough to find a happy balance between autonomy and intimacy, between self-sacrificing altruism and dignified self-worth.

Venus disappears totally from Earth's view as she now enters into superior conjunction with the Sun (and Uranus), only to re-emerge as ‘Queen of the Heavens’, as an evening star late May/early June – where she will stay until January 2014. As an evening star Venus takes on qualities of a more mature feminine wisdom.

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