Monday, 18 March 2013

Mercury direct ~> in Pisces March'13

Thank Heavens! Planet of communication Mercury is now direct, and the healing trickster will soon be wading out of these Piscean waters٠•●♥❤♥●•><((((º>

This particular Mercury retro, has been one of the slipperiest retrogrades for a while, as things/people/situations challenged equilibrium, compassion, and the ability to surrender unto something greater than ego. The deeper meaning of this Mercury retrograde has been to ride the waves of emotion and realise how the intuitive light within illuminates all kinds of conundrums. Issues surrounding this Mercury retrograde could linger a while, even as we go forward into an exciting Spring Equinox on Wednesday 20th ~> when Spirit Sun joins dynamic Mars and radical Uranus in the sign of the Ram. The Moon will be in Cancer then too, and the order of the day will be to proceed with caution. So no hard and fast pedal to the metal; take corners or shortcuts with careful ease and sensitivity, and take on board the lessons of the past few weeks, to be an aware and conscious being. _/\_

Illustration "The Divine Mercurial Water" by Baro Urbigerus, Hamburg 1705

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