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Illuminating Spirit ~ ☼ ~ Summer Solstice & Lunar Eclipse 2010

In the language of the Spiritual Warrior, or even the modern Light Worker, the Sun is referred to as ‘The Great Illuminator’ or ‘The Light of intelligence’ and ‘the Spiritual Centre’ which freely radiates warmth, love and light, in which, in the right proportions, all life thrives. The Sun, it has also been postulated, even has a consciousness of its own. Indeed, in the horoscope, we note how the Sun symbolises personal consciousness: for the Sun in astrology is individual identity central to one’s being, determining who we are growing into (which can take a lifetime), and the dominant issues we are processing and learning, in this life; Yang in quality, the Sun is also authority, ego, father and boss. 

I was reminded, just before I did my solstice practice, that when the Sun is at standstill, it is creating a 'gap', like 'the gap' in meditation that happens inbetween the out breath and the in, the pause in which we rest that sometimes makes it seem like we are in Samadhi - until we realise that we are in that gap, and then of course we headlong back into Samsara! Such is the nature of mind.
The Sun is also central in Buddhist thangka paintings, where we view many a deity beaming love-light seated upon a Sun disc; in Tantric meditation we imagine some deities seated upon a Sun disc, who are then placed at our heart, so that we, too, can learn to radiate unconditional loving kindness and compassion – just like the actual Sun. In astrology, the physical heart is also ruled by the Sun, mirroring how the Sun is at the heart of our solar system. Esoterically speaking, the Sun has a triple function: a physical form, as a heart centre, and spiritual illuminator. When we mindfully raise our vibration and encourage our own Sun to radiate from the spiritual centre, we overcome ego’s desire and aversion to realise Divine consciousness as an awareness of personal Unity with the enlightened source – and bask in our own luminous golden wonder, so to speak.

Summer makes everyone smile, and with light heart we witness the Sun peak at its highest point in the sky in the northern hemisphere, at 12:28 British Summer Time, on Monday the 21st (-5EDT). The word Sol comes from Latin, for Sun, while ‘stice’ means to ‘stand still’. For the next couple days the Sun stands at its zenith, before heading south again shortening the days in northern skies. 

Yet this is no ordinary Solstice. At this 2010 turning point, the Sun is in an almost perfect planetary pattern, a rare Cardinal Cross, which in esoteric astrology is called The Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’, suggesting many are awakening to the fiery heart of love as a means to understanding self in relation to the world, communicating in a manner more considerate of others. This Cross has building for a while now (most of 2010), getting more intensely ‘connected’ over these past few weeks, pointing to the dramatic change which brings all kinds of different paths together, and uniting people, things and ideas, to present new openings which enable one to regain balance through action, stability through transformation, awareness through unity.

Although this cross is made up of the four cardinal signs, Aries (where Jupiter & Uranus are), Cancer (Sun), Virgo/Libra (Saturn), Capricorn (Pluto & Ceres), everyone will feel it, because the transpersonal and generational planets are involved. Because it is (mostly) Cardinal in quality, it is a Cross which indicates movement - dynamic action with spiritual intent. The solar light of the solstice Spiritual Sun continues to radiate power and strength over the coming weeks, with influential upcoming eclipses. The full Moon lunar eclipse on the 26th June almost perfects the Cardinal Cross (But not quite! That will happen when Saturn moves back into lovely Libra, and will be exact when the moon Moves into Cancer (which it rules) on Aug 6th (when the Sun will be in Leo, which it also rules, but as Leo is a fixed sign, it will not be in the Cardinal Cross formation).

Why this upcoming Solstice and Full Moon are strong is because during eclipses, Lunar on June 26th, and solar July 11th, we encounter major trigger points for earth changes (and being only one or two degrees out of exact sign on a powerful planetary alignement is nothing in the greater scheme of things) making this a very potent celestial Cross formation (and much more powerful than January's eclipses) and events around it are likely to demand action. 

There is also another cosmic Solstice formation, a Grand Air Trine, between communicative Mercury at home in Gemini, the sensitive Moon in Libra, sign of balance, and spiritual Neptune in the altruistic and intellectual sign of  Aquarius. This is a forceful energy that can condition consciousness: the Buddha said ‘what we think we become’ – an apt thought to hold in mind during the Sun’s high point. It may take a while to see the results of any subjective intent.  While this formation holds solstice, when the Moon is full on the 26th, and conjunct powerful Pluto, la Luna activates a mighty magical transformation, which the Spiritual Warrior can harness, and indicate the kind of direction we need to take - giving ourself the next eighteen years to complete the task.

Wtih a flow of golden solar nectar from the angelic messenger, the Sun/Mercury conjunction, to the receptive full Moon eclipse and oceanic Neptune conjunct Chiron, suggests we can even heal the oceans - as well as our collective emotions. The responsive Moon rules water, and is remains in good aspect to Neptune which governs deep seas, in Aquarius initiating the focus of Universal Mind. This is spiritual service: As Masaru Emoto advises as part of the healing, we need to let the water know we love it, and ask for forgiveness. 

In the Tibetan tradition, this Solstice happens to also be Guru Rinpoche Day, a day of celebrating our connection to the Guru (within). Its not always like this, as it is for the Christian St John on a set day. Guru Rinpoche day moves around the moon. Also called Padmasambhava, Guru Rinpoche is the all-powerful male presence we invoke to help overcome obstacles, as he is said to be the second Buddha, protector and most accomplished yogi. We can all upon this strong male active yang principle at any time, not just for solstice. Should you feel inclinded to sing his mantra while Sun Dancing with the Moon weave, he can help one to centre and overcome all kinds of hurdles “Om Vajra Guru Pemma Siddhi Hung”

Love and Gratitude as always to the Visual Alchemist, Bill Brouard for 'fiery angel' and 'unconvential commincation goes sub-aquatic'
and all other unknown artists_/\_♥ ૐ

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