Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Free from Karmic Patterns ☽☼☾ Full Cancer Moon ♑/♋

In astrology, the Moon governs watery Cancer ♋, the fourth sign of the zodiac symbolising emotional sensitivity, particularly sensations associated with the past and all we hold onto - things, people and feelings, as well as daily thoughts that bubble-up to flow through our unconscious mind stream, which can then become construed as personal needs. These needs are expressed with greater insight and clarity when we sense empathy within our surroundings. Though such deep sensitivity is a typically Cancerian trait (as well as with those who have a prominent Moon in other water signs or water houses), we are all capable of being intuitive; but for one reason or another, we are not always in synch with where we truly are psychologically, spiritually, or physically. We are aften out-of-step with our true needs, creating habitual thoughts based upon craving or aversion that can, consciously or unconsciously, create karmic imprints that surface when we only have half an eye on La Luna’s gleaming ball of light (and not our third eye, either! :))

The upcoming Full Moon on Wednesday the 19th January, at 21:21 GMT appears to be an optimum window of opportunity to exercise emotional boundaries and draw the line on any unfounded, unnecessary or irresponsible desires.  With the Capricorn Sun at 29 degrees revealing personal limits, as well as the ability to be ‘grounded’ (as in stabilising mind and body in practice), in opposition to the double whammy 29 Cancer Moon accenting home and family, we have the fourth of five Full Moons in a row at the ‘anaretic’, last degree of a sign accenting a swift shift of emphasis.  Any planet at the last anaretic degree of a sign holds an accumulative sum total of the sign’s qualities before flowing into the next sign. Thus, through the initiating light of the Capricorn Sun we can understand the necessity of discipline and hard work to achieve ambitions; and through the feeling-orientated and reflective, form-giving light of the Cancer Full Moon, we could sense a wealth of emotional experience provides the key to free oneself from karmic limitation, and be liberated once and for all from negative karmic patterns, in relationship, at work and within oneself.

Understanding how the law of cause and effect works, and all that what we say, do, and think, has an impact upon future result is imperative, especially if we are to harness any destructive impulse that essentially harms and blocks the release of positive potential. Bare in mind that through meditation, prayer and ritual, as well as actively creating helpful thoughts, healthy living, and doing good deeds we can negate karma, stabilise the heart-mind, and unfetter the shackles that restrain us from radiating Buddha nature (our essential goodness).

Helping to put personal and collective life into perspective over this Full Moon, both ♋ Moon and ♑ Sun also make wonderful connections to the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (which was exact on the solar Eclipse Jan 4) indicating the Spirit and Soul are aligned with the active vision Jupiter and Uranus vibrate.   Also note the 'finger of fate' or 'Hand of God', with the North Node and Pluto as one finger and Neptune and Chiron onother, pointing towards the Moon, indicating this Moon has a long-term and collective transformational healing quality. 
 Jupiter and Uranus, however, have been together for the last ten months; but this is about to change as the faster sign munificent Jupiter is also about to move signs on 22nd Jan, whizzing into fiery Aries --> through which the sky god flies until early June (when Jupiter enters Taurus); the pace to realise some kind of self-awareness is quickening. Aries can be super-LIGHTening fast. But just over four months in the sign of the Ram is SUPERSONIC speed! During these next months there is opportunity to quickly restore and build self-confidence and see how fabulous we really are! :) Carpe diam! And when winged Mercury does his next retro dance in Aries (March-April) we might be asking ourselves, "if not now, when?"

Thanks as always to unknown artists and photographer for much appreciated illustrations ~♥♥♥~

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