Thursday, 13 May 2010

Saka Dawa New Moon ~ Love & Enlightenment 2010

Phew… Big sigh of relief, as Mercury, planet of information, finally began to roll forward Tuesday night, albeit rather slowly. These past few weeks have been intense in so many ways, especially when gathering one’s thoughts, conveying a message, or making any journey - all forms of communication have been seriously hampered, making it a bit like wading through treacle to face sticky moments with sweet smiles. Notwithstanding dear old facebook chat on hold, making contact with others could have been at the mercy of something else outside our dictate: Various events i.e., volcanic ash, a massive oil spill and a shaky Euro mean few of us are escaping the word ‘crisis’ – which, by now, most know is another expression of ‘opportunity’ in Chinese: Yet still, in the midst of the modern world in a spin, we need to be patient, to mature our staying power and strength to make the most of these opportunities (and, according to the Boddhisatva vow, for all beings to benefit).

So it remains to ask: Why is our patience being tested? Patience is one of the Buddhist six perfections. But how do we better ourselves by being patient? With patience we become wise, less likely to be at the mercy of our emotional reactions.

Composure, tolerance and insight is astrologically called for until the end of the month; patiently remaining in control of thoughts and emotions means we are far less likely to anger. Besides, getting angry wipes out merit stock from the karmic bank; giving in to anger means we rarely think straight and only perpetuate misunderstanding, uncertainty and chaos.

All kinds of valuables - finances as well as relationships - could have born the brunt of this particularly frustrating Mercury retrograde period. But tonight’s new moon (on the 14th) at 2:04 GDT 23Taurus, suggests making a grand plan to bring about healing those values, so that a fair resolve now has every chance of working. This might be good news for some as, according to my understanding of astrology, we hit the nadir of this current financial predicament on the 23rd of May, after which the only way is up. I could be wrong, but recent events lead me to sense we could well be on the road to recovery (barring hot-heads and/or environmental circumstance).

This New Moon is also the beginning of Tibetan Saka Dawa month, celebrating the birth, death, and enlightenment of Lord Buddha on the Full Moon on the 27th May, which will be a multiplied karma day x1000. Saka Dawa months marks a lunation cycle that generate intense all pervading love & light in mega lux lumens.

Inspiration and blessings come from the cosmos as Jupiter, planet of expansion and optimism, joins forces with Uranus, the ‘Great Awakener’. This combination is positively visionary: the bigger picture encapsulates spiritual perspective. These two planets are now working together in Pisces, activating a new awareness of life’s magic and mystery. In early June they will perfect their conjunction at zero-point Aries, kick-starting summer projects with zest, zeal and excitement. Whoo-hoo! Even if its wet or cold, at least the summer won't be boring.

Many thanks to Bill Brouard - visual alchemist, and other unknown artists :) _/\_♥ ૐ

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Fascinating and reassuring too.