Friday, 28 May 2010

Uranus in Aries ~ Activating the ‘Central Spiritual Sun’

“Now is the first day of the rest of your life.”…

Last night’s Full Moon commemorating Buddha’s enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree – Saka Dawa Duchen, coincided with a mega astro event, which happens only once every 84 years, as Uranus crossed zero point of 0 degrees Aries – an indication of how we are now collectively up for something completely new and different, which will put fire in our soul adding a spark to intuitive wisdom.

As it traverses the zodiac in its 84 year cycle, every seven years planet Uranus shifts sign. Uranus is a transpersonal, generational planet known in astrological circles as ‘The Great Awakener’. At its most illuminated electrical vibration it represents the alternative viewpoint and the altruistic mind; as well as having evolutionary spirit Uranus can also be disruptive chaotic rebel, with or without a cause. Uranus is totally unpredictable and often symbolically present at accidents. I find it interesting that during the last weeks of Uranus in oceanic Pisces, as it conjunct magnifying Jupiter (traditional ruler of Pisces), we witnessed an oil spill in the ocean, the likes of which we have never seen.

The impact of Uranus changing sign is often witnessed and felt suddenly, in a matter of weeks, especially if we look among our peer group and see how we as an individual relate to those we consider helpful and/or influential. How the unexpected manifests, as a bolt from the blue, an abrupt shift, a hasty retreat or rapid rise will be shown through house and sign placement in the horoscope, as well as by natal generational archetype and aspects they make to the current Uranus placement.

For the past seven years Uranus has been in spiritual Pisces; where a noticeable evolution of the heart-mind is evident, especially through technological networking – Uranus rules all things scientific and cyber. And, unless operating from the lower end of a potentially totalitarian Uranus in deceptive Pisces, the company sought was sensitive and supportive when going beyond the boundaries of traditional or conservative faith, to elevate one’s soul with utopian dream peopled with kindred spirits. We will touch base with our beloved brethren again, from August to March ‘11, when Uranus retrogrades back in Pisces (to clear up the oil spill some more perhaps) but until then, for a few short months, we are going to get a taste of things to come, as Uranus moves into Aries and a whole new era begins. Because Uranus is visionary, one eye will be firmly fixed on self, the other on how the team plays. And, unless one is mindful, the two are not necessarily mutually inclusive.

The move of Uranus into Aries brings into focus all things vibrant and exiting – new directions, new friends, and a new cause to champion. Summer thrills double in intensity, as Jupiter, the planet that magnifies swiftly follows into Aries on June 7th. These two planets, Uranus and Jupiter, at the zero point of Aries galvanize group action. It may be worth noting how Uranus rules space and new technology, while thunderous Jupiter rules the Sky and truth. We may not see any mass mobilisation of awakened spirits until the lunar eclipse of June 26th and the solar eclipse July 11th, when ‘Thunderbirds are Go’, and the mission is nothing short of activating the ‘Central Spiritual Sun’ with the Grand Cardinal Cross of 2010 to awaken us to Divine Consciousness. Note: Aries rules the head and Uranus the pituitary gland.

On a relative level a Cardinal Cross is challenging in so many ways, with Cardinal signs especially feeling the pressure to move into a new dimension and leave behind the old paradigm. This Cardinal Cross at the equinox and solstice 0 degrees points, so finding the loving balance between autonomy and relationships, stability and status, at the same time as dealing with negative outside influences.

Even in the midst of the trying Uranus Saturn opposition, we have been urged to take personal responsibility in order to have the freedom to create positive change. This is because Uranus and Saturn have been locked into a long-drawn out opposition that started way back in October ’08, with no less than five exact hits of this 45 year cycle, which I have mentioned more than once. And now we have one last exact polarisation to come: on 26 July Uranus and Saturn line-up and call for a careful balance of independence and reliance and confidence in governing relations. As Saturn is also about to go forward in a couple of days, on 30th May, we may feel the need to personally restrain, especially in regards to stress and really make an extra effort to detox before summer kicks in with a powerful eclipse that quickly follows the Solstice.

It’s likely to get hot in more ways than one around mid-summer’s night – only a month away - so now is the time to jump to it, make use of Uranus in Aries initiative and swiftly order immediate surroundings such as files and paperwork, because fun and sun are bound to beckon us to come and play and, at the same time, elevate human consciousness!

As always, thanks to the Visual Alchemist Bill Brouard for his 'Pop Shaman' and Awaken Aries Woman; astrology news for the saturn-uranus illustration; creating the light body & Buddha lotus ♥ _/\_ ♥ ૐ