Thursday, 27 May 2010

Golden Day with Moon of Compassion ~ Saka Dawa Duchen 2010

When the Moon is in Sagittarius we’re often prepared to chance our luck, as life can seem like a lottery, sometimes we win – sometimes we lose. Yet much of what happens in our personal lives can be actually controlled by how we perceive and what we think, as our present thoughts have a direct influence upon the future.

Especially now with the life-giving Sun traversing mercurial Gemini, accenting the benefits of neuroplasticity: We have the celestial tools in our healing hands to quickly reshape the mind. And while we tinker away inside the brain, eliminating negative emotions, its helpful to be aware how the majority of our daily thoughts are recycled neurosis, and only a small percentage of what we think about is original – mostly we’re busy churning over the same old stuff – again and again. Baring this in mind it is important to reinforce the intention to stay positive and raise the cosmic love vibration. So while the Gemini Sun stimulates our questioning grey matter, ask yourself if you reinforce certain issues by buying into your own personal ad campaigns? Do you then convince yourself what you’re thinking about is true, when in reality it’s only an illusion? If so, now is the time to assess thought processes and change patterns to be of greater effect towards helping yourself help others.

"Anything is possible; everything is possible. The power of the mind is incredible, limitless."
~~ Lama Yeshe ~~

Approaching the midnight Full Moon on Thursday night – Friday morning @ 00:07 British Summer Time, the Sagittarius Moon and Gemini Sun align and make a challenging aspect to dreamy Neptune, the planet of wild imaginative fantasies. This, therefore, is not the time to be impulsive and risk all for nothing, but to awaken to intuition and know that by working as one, with others, we can motivate and co-create, with each person playing their own individual part within the whole.

In the Tibetan tradition, this is Saga Dawa Duchen, the Moon of Buddha’s enlightenment. It could also be called ‘The Moon of Compassion’, a heavenly moment that switches on an internal light to illuminate the Divine within, so that we forgive and accept the past, remaining fully centred in each present moment. This is the kind of brilliance which can also inspire and shine upon the way forward. But remember: “You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself.”

This Full Moon is also one of the year’s ‘Golden Days’, when karma is magnified one hundred million times. With that, I wish that all beings find happiness and its causes and be free from suffering and its causes.

The day is also marked by an event that happens only once every 84 years, when Uranus crosses the zero point of 0 degrees Aries.

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